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June's Newsletters
June has flown by, and as usual we've had quite the variety of work. We've replaced some exhaust vents, installed some window air conditioners, caulked a number of tubs, toilets and sinks, repaired a toilet, installed a valet rod, fixed some baby gates, repaired a few gates, added knobs to a cabinet, painted some grates, and flipped a fridge door, painted a front porch, power washed a back deck, fixed up the base of a shed, and as up can see below we painted up this wonderful table to turn it from an interior to an exterior one. 

We hope your June was filled with as much excitement as our was, and that you all have a wonderful and safe Canada Day!

Tip of the Month

You may not know this but toothpaste isn't just for your mouth anymore. In fact, it has hundreds of uses. In this tip of the month we are keeping it simple, and giving you 7 uses for toothpaste that don't involve your teeth.

1. Shine up your faucets, knobs and handles. Simply rub on a small dab of toothpaste with a cloth, then wipe it clean with a damp cloth and your metal fixtures will sparkle like the stars.

2 & 3. You can remove marker from a wood table or crayons from a wall the exact same way.

4. Did you know it can even prevent your safety goggles from fogging up? Just rub in a tiny little bit of toothpaste on to your lenses and wipe it clean with a damp cloth and your goggles will be as clear as a 4K TV.

5. It is also the perfect stuff to clean around your refrigerator seal. The minty smell will get rid of any possible odors and an old tooth brush is the perfect size for getting into those hard to reach spots. Just wipe it with a damp cloth after and you are good to go. 

6. Those lovely white rubber soled runners are always so nice... the first few time you wear them. To clean off the dirt from your wonderfully white sneakers, use tooth paste just like you would in #1 and your shoes will look good as new. 

7. Last but not least, this one is for all those with youngsters, it is an amazing pimple destroyer. Dab some on before you go to bed(do not rub it in) and leave it overnight, I warn you it does sting, but by morning your pimple is all dried out. 
Up-Cycling 101: This is the Last Planter, We Promise

Golf season is well under way, and if you have a set of clubs in the basement that haven't been used for a while or since the 80's like my grandpa's old clubs, you may want to come up with another use for them. That's why this months Up-Cycling 101craft is the golf club coat rack. This craft leaves a lot to your imagination, from the colour, the spacing between the clubs, and which ty pe of clubs you use. The options are endless! The basic instructions are below to help get your juices flowing.

1. Find a piece of wood you'd like to use and cut it to the desired length.

2. Cut the heads of your golf clubs at the desired diameter. 3/8" to 1/2" typically. You'll need a hacksaw or plumbing pipe cutter.

3. Measure up the placement of your clubs and drill the holes at the same diameter as step 2. 

4. Mix up some 5 minute epoxy and spread it in the holes and push your club heads into the holes. 

5.  Tape up around the club heads and stain or paint your piece of wood. 

6. Screw up your beautiful new coat rack into studs if possible, plugs if not. 
Downsizing Dreams

In April's Newsletter Ross wrote a piece on getting your home ready for sale, and in May we continued the real estate write ups with a piece on the hot cottage country markets. This month, the trend keeps rolling with these article on what you need to consider when downsizing.