Yesterday it was announced that the Boathouse Restaurant in House Central Park is permanently closing after over 65 years ....yet another iconic part of NYC biting the dust and signaling the end of an era.

One thing that is constant is change; we have to have death in order to have rebirth and this process seems to be accelerated everywhere lately. The above example is of course is not an actual life and death situation, but it's symbolic of what we are now going through individually and collectively; endings big and small, losses of people, places and things, civilization etc....And they add up!

It's been a long run of loss for me personally over the past decade or so, and I have learned to get through it by allowing myself to feel whatever comes up - for as long as it needs to come up without dwelling there - upon any type of death, and then have the attitude and understanding that this is the nature of life and perhaps something even better will take its place, or the loss will create some gain or growth that I would never have expected or appreciated.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and I have a deep faith that whatever will be will be and see loss as a practice in acceptance, and do whatever is in my control to make sure that vacuum is filled with something better than before. I am also someone who sees the glass half full, and can always make tasty lemonade out of lemons, or crap into fertilizer.

These were just some of the themes that came up in our inaugural CONNECTING WITH KRISTINA monthly online gathering on Tuesday. It was such a lovely group and was as I envisioned it - everyone was authentic and vulnerable in sharing which is what we all need for true connection, to get to the gold of this human experience and not feel so alone as we go through it. Here is a little summary and a few video clips from the gathering, and more will be uploaded to my YouTube channel soon. Stay tuned for the announcement for the next one, tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, August 17th.

Today's PGG from 2011 has some dated references, but the message is just as relevant with all that we are experiencing and/or witnessing all around us. Remember that this is all part of transformation...I know that doesn't necessarily take away the sadness, pain and grief this entails, but with some perspective after going through it, we can see it as productive and profound, and in many cases can find gratitude and wisdom as a result. Ultimately it is death that teaches us about life.

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Today's PGG Video of the Week is about why you should figure out who you are and what you are doing with your life or you can watch my very first talk for NYPL in 2010 called Pink Slips: How Losing Your Job is Good Thing; this week's Instagram post is some YogiTea wisdom about the purpose of life. Today's PGG Vibe of the Week, is the funky calm Sly and the Family Stone's version of Que Sera Sera.

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