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Looking Back and Moving Forward
2 018 has been an incredible year... It was full of fun, meaning, emotion, hard work, sweat, and sweets.  We are so grateful for our amazing fans, devoted board members, and talented artists that made it possible for us to keep creating, dancing, and giving back to our community.  Thank you all for making our 2018 journey so special and memorable.  We look forward to 2019 and beyond!!  
Happy New Year to you and your family!!!
2018 Highlights 
Our 'The Story of Our Lives' Fall Production 
We enjoyed so much sharing our 'The Story of Our Lives' production to an enthusiastic audience at Reston CenterStage on October 6, 2018.

DUMBO Dance Festival in NY       SoloDuo Dance Festival in NY
We toured to NY and participated at the DUMBO Dance Festival where we had a great privilege sharing the stage with 70 contemporary dance troupes combining over 350 artists who presented solo, chamber, and full-scale works. Dancers from across the United States, and internationally from Switzerland, China, Hungary, Spain, Japan, Korea, and Italy. 
We were thrilled to be part of SoloDuo Dance Festival and share the stage with many outstanding artists and dance companies in the world at the Dixon Place in NY.

Leadership Fairfax Conference             'Thursday Lunch in the Park'
at Wolf Trap                                               at the Reston Town Square Park
We had a great pleasure to perform at the Leadership Fairfax Conference at the  Wolf Trap  Education Hall
'Thursday Lunch in the Park' performed by Shu-Chen Cuff and GDC dancer Julia Hellmich. Presented by Reston Town Center Association and Reston Community Center

Marvin Gaye Project - 'What's     Guest Performing at BalletNova 
Going On'                                          Spring Concert
We had a great privilege to be part of Dance Place  and  Reston Community Center 's special Marvin Gaye project - 'What's Going On' by Vincent Thomas.
Guest Artist at BalletNova's Spring Concert at the Thomas Jefferson Theater.

Our 'PHENOMENA' Spring Production at the Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival
We enjoyed so much sharing our 'PHENOMENA' production  to an enthusiastic audience at the Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival

An Evening of Dance with EDGE        Master Class with Ashburn 
Company                                                  Academy of Dance on the stage
We enjoyed so much performing with Ashburn Academy of Dance's EDGE Company at the Franklin Park Arts Center.
GDC Shu-Chen and company dancer Alissa Duff taught a master class for Ashburn Academy of Dance on the stage before the show! Such a fun class!!

GDC Outreach Program - Giving Back to the Community
Performed at the Autumn Remembrance Day hosted by Helping Hearts through the Arts

Shu-Chen performed at the Catholic Charities U.S.A. Benefit Concert in Support the Families at the Border.

We got to bring our 'PHENOMENA' production at the Greenspring Village Senior home community.

Master Classes and Workshops
Shu-Chen taught a Master Class at the Towson University.
Shu-Chen taught a Master Class at 稻草人現代舞團 Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company in Tainan, Taiwan!! ����

Diamond Intensive Workshop at BalletNova
Classes and Choreography at BalletNova's Dance Kaleidoscope

Adult Ballet Workshop at The Washington Ballet
Summer Intensive Workshop at Ashburn Academy of Dance

Summer Intensive Workshop at Metropolitan School of the Arts
Contemporary Performance Workshop at BalletNova

Summer Intensive Workshop at Ashburn Academy of Dance

Summer Intensive Workshop at Metropolitan Ballet Theater

See You All in 2019!!