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So many of you jumped right in and set up your portals and are off to the races-thank you!
For those who haven't yet, it's now critical-
as of July 1 there will no longer be a Rent Tracks payment option and we won't be accepting checks, money orders, etc. in the office.  
IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE or are having difficulty with the portal, email marketing. We will gladly assist you to get this done. If you have had auto pay set up on RentTracks you will need to deactivate that once you set up auto pay in the new portal.  
Now, as if this whole Covid 19 thing hasn't been enough.....it's hurricane season.
We know you don't want to think or hear about it but we must. The NOAA is predicting a busier season so we need to get mentally prepared at the very least. We have provided some links below that will tell you about what's predicted and will take you to all kinds of resources/guidelines for preparation. There's also some Covid 19 information to be found there as well!
As you may recall, when the pandemic panic set in, there was a run on everything and some hoarding of specific items. This tends to happen when a storm gets named nearby. DO NOT put your preparation off if possible.  
  • Start getting stocked up now on things you might need (water, toiletries, etc.).
  • Get working on your emergency kit if you don't yet have one. Right now, you have the luxury of getting it together gradually.
  • Take your inventory of valuables and record it now. If you have renter's insurance, have your contact info and details someplace handy to you for the next 6 months. If you don't have renter's insurance, we strongly urge you to consider researching it now, before a named storm. The best place to start may be with whoever carries your car insurance-they might provide rental coverage as well. If you need a contact to explore coverage, email marketing.
Rest assured as the season unfolds we'll be sharing information with you and if a storm threatens, you will hear from us a lot. It is critical we have accurate and current email addresses on file so keep that in mind.
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