I know Conservative Don't Watch Broadcast TV so most of you have not seen these Commercials . . .

J.R. Majewski Candidate in the Ohio 9th in Northwest Ohio

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Madison Gesiotto Gilbert Candidate in the Ohio 13th - Summit & Stark Counties

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JD Vance Candidate for U.S. Senate for Ohio

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Mike Carey Candidate in the Ohio 15th Miami, Clark, Madison, Fayette, Franklin Counties

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Max Miller Candidate in the Ohio 7th Cuyahoga, Medina & Wayne Counties

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Most of these are First Time Candidates and we need to Raise there Name ID with Voters!

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This Ohio Election Voter Guide Was Paid for by:

Freedom for All PAC

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Our Plan for Winning the 2022 November Elections in Ohio and the Nation

Well the Time for talk is over and the time for Action is NOW! The Freedom for ALL PAC has put together this Guide to help YOU better decide what YOU are going to do to help protect and defend YOUR Individual Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity. This year it is NOT ENOUGH TO JUST VOTE! All Patriots MUST be Totally Engaged Americans in the Fight for Liberty!

So, here is our take on the 2022 Ohio Elections. Most races are already decided, and while you still need to volunteer to help Republican candidates who you like, there are just a few key races that need our focus. With the redistricting of Ohio's voting districts, as ugly as it was and is, Republicans are easily going to retain control of both the Ohio House and Ohio Senate. DeWine is going to win, whether you like him or not, and so are all the State Office Holders - Yost, LaRose, Faber and Sprague. They have next to zero competition from very weak and underfunded Democrats.

Our Focus needs to be on the Five Races I have indicated on the graphic below. As you should know, due to our "apparently" falling short by just 20,000 residents in the 2020 Census, Ohio has lost one Congressional Seat. We used to have 16 Congressmen and now we have 15. There were 12 Republican and 4 Democrat Congressmen and now this November 8th Election will decide which side loses Congressmen. With only a six seat "majority" in the U.S. House, Ohio has the opportunity to have a major impact on Republicans regaining the U.S. House this election and all of us need to work to make that happen!

The Five races we are highlighting are all Trump Endorsed Candidates and three of the five should win - including Vance for US Senate. However the two that are in question, and thus need our immediate attention, will decide if Ohio loses one Republican Congressman or if Ohio gets rid of two Democrat Congressman! That is a big shift.

This is where redistricting plays a big role. In the Ohio 9th, in NW Ohio, that District used to be a majority Democrat District which Marcy Kaptur has held for years. Now, it is a 50-50 District. Meaning it is winnable for Republican JR Majewski for the first time in years - even though he is running against an Incumbent Democrat Congressman. In the Ohio 13th, basically the Akron and Canton area, Madison Gesiotto Gilbert is running against the former Ohio House Minority Leader Emilia Sykes in a District that is now a +1 Republican District and is Winnable by Madison Gesiotto Gilbert.

CLICK HERE to DONATE to J.R. Majewski


CLICK HERE to See his Campaign Website 

So, the way we see it, in order to grow to 13 Ohio Republicans in Congress and force the loss of Two Democrats because of re-districting - WE MUST WIN THE WINNABLE 9th DISTRICT! That means that we want you, Patriots from ALL OVER OHIO, to SEND MONEY to the J.R. Majewski Campaign AND VOLUNTEER to Work for his Campaign! We see this as the #1 Priority because we can win it if we turn out our voters, we have a totally MAGA Trump Endorsed Candidate in that District, and only by winning it can we grow to 13 Ohio Republican Congressmen and reduce the Democrats to just 2 Ohio Congressmen!

Now, while we MUST WIN THE OHIO 9TH, we CAN ALSO WIN THE OHIO 13th! Both candidates in the 13th are running for Congress for the first time, and while Sykes has name recognition in Akron because of her family name and her having served in the Ohio House, Madison Gisiotto Gilbert is endorsed by Trump, is better funded than Sykes, and has a slight voter advantage. Therefore, we are calling on Patriots from ALL OVER OHIO to SEND MONEY to Madison Gisiotto Gilbert’s Campaign AND VOLUNTEER to work for her Campaign!



CLICK HERE to See her Campaign Website

All of the other three candidates we featured, Max Miller (OH-7th), Mike Carey (OH-15th) and JD Vance (US Senate) are endorsed by Donald Trump, are well funded, have large voter advantages - like +8 Republican - and SHOULD WIN their races. However, Miller and Vance are first time candidates and Mike Carey has only served for a partial term, so their name ID is low. We are asking Patriots to Volunteer for these Campaigns to get signs and literature out for them because that is what the need most.

Click Here to Volunteer from anywhere in the State for the Vance Campaign.

Click Here to Volunteer in the Ohio 15th for the Carey Campaign.

Click Here to Volunteer in the Ohio 7th for the Miller Campaign.

All other Ohio Republican Congressman are incumbents who should win going away if you make sure that everyone you know turns out to vote!

Finally, we need to WIN ALL THREE Supreme Court Races this November! No one pays any attention to the Court Races - until the Rogue Court Screws up our Redistricting like they did this year - which is why we and YOU must pay attention. We MUST re-elect Justice Sharon Kennedy, Justice Pat DeWine and Justice Pat Fischer. This issue is NAME ID. We need you to go out of your way to remind everyone you know that they must vote for all three - Sharon Kennedy, Pat DeWine and Pat Fischer! Your word of mouth is critical to their winning.

As I said at the beginning, the time for talk is over, the time for Action is NOW! Losing ANY of these races in Ohio is unacceptable. Action doesn’t mean just voting this time. Action means Volunteering to hand out literature and put up signs for ALL these Candidates. Action means sending money to help Majewski and Gilbert win. Action also means, joining the WTPC and the NRA-ILA to win these key races in Ohio AND in other states in November! Click here to learn more and sign up!

Lastly, each of us needs to make it known to our fellow citizens that there is no Democrat Party anymore. It is the “Democrat Socialist Party” as Hillary Clinton and others so proudly announced. Which means the Democrats are COMMUNISTS. The policies you see being enacted, legally or illegally, by the Hard Left Democrats are Totalitarian Communist Policies that infringe on States Rights, your Individual Rights, and on rule by We the People.

You must make it clear to everyone you meet that if they vote for ANY Democrat, for ANY political position, that they are PERSONALLY Responsible for the Destruction of our Nation, our Constitution, the Rule of Law, and your Individual Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity! Anyone who Votes Democrat is PERSONALLY responsible for lowering your income and net worth by 9% because the Left intentionally created 9% inflation by shutting of America's Energy! Anyone who Votes Democrat is PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the gas prices, the food shortages, the soaring crime rates, the communist indoctrination of our children, the deaths of 100,000 of our children from Fentanyl, and the illegal invasion of our nation on the Southern Border. Hold them PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE. Shame them - it they have any Shame. Make it clear to them that if they vote for Democrat Socialists that they are NOT AMERICANS - they are Communists! There is no Democrat Party, their radical leftist policies prove it!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski


Freedom for ALL PAC

p.s. - Please forward this email to other Patriots in Ohio!

The We the People Convention was Paid by the Freedom for ALL PAC to deliver this email. The opinions expressed in this email are the sole responsibility of the Freedom for ALL PAC located at P.O. Box 6211, Akron, OH 44312. Thomas R. Zawistowski, Treasurer