Here for You in Unprecedented Times
Dear Clients and Friends of CHC,

Your CHC clinical team has now been working remotely for two full weeks. It has been a whirlwind of learning for all of our staff, and I’m sure for you as well. We are all trying to stay connected with our work, with our friends and family, with our medical providers, and with so many other entities that have created remote opportunities for learning and recreation.

As we continue to provide our individualized clinical care, education and support virtually through a computer screen or phone, we want you to know that all of us at CHC really are “here” for you, just as we've always been - to troubleshoot your hearing aids, offer tinnitus therapy, provide educational support or teach you new technology solutions.

To that end, we have a new blog series called Hear and Connect that offers tips, technical guidance and special resources to help you navigate in these unprecedented times. From how to use Zoom when you use hearing aids and/or rely on captioning to resources for fun activities for you and your child with hearing loss, we are here.

Hear and Connect Blog Series

  • Hear better on video calls. Carolyn Stern describes step-by-step how her audiologist improved her home computer setup. Read.

  • Better audio on video calls. Audiologist Jane Auriemmo offers tips for improving the audio quality on videoconference calls. Read.

  • Zoom and captioning. Carolyn Stern shares three ways to caption a Zoom meeting. Read.

  • Making video calls hearing loss friendly. Carolyn Stern's tips for making Zoom meetings more accessible to those with hearing loss. Read.

  • Fun family activities. Education specialists Dana Selznick and Sivan Levy offer a list of free resources and activities for the home. Read.

  • Communicating with medical staff. A guide to help you get ready for a hospital visit during the coronavirus outbreak. Read.

  • Breathe video. Jeff Wax, Director of CHC's Baker Family Emotional Health and Wellness Center, offers a welcomed stress buster. View.

Continue to check in with us as we expand our offerings over the next few weeks. And please don’t hesitate to email us at to let us know what you find helpful and what else you might need.

Be safe, everyone.

Laurie Hanin, PhD, CCC-A
Executive Director
Center for Hearing and Communication