Here is Something You Can Do TODAY to Help Eating Disorder Recovery with Just One Phone Call 

Dear Friend of ANAD,

Chicago-based ERISA lawyer, Mark DeBofsky recently contacted us about an Illinois Eating Disorder Bill, HB 1332, that he introduced to the Illinois State Legislature and got the support of Illinois legislators, Representative, Laura Fine, and Senator, Julie Morrison, last year.

This bill will mandate insurance providers reimburse for residential eating disorder treatment!!!

This bill was shot down the first time it was introduced, but after the bill was introduced a second time, it made it through the Illinois House and the Senate WITHOUT any legislative hearings and is now sitting on Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's desk waiting to be signed. 

ANAD made the video at the top of this email to tell you more about this bill and with instructions on how to tell the Governor that you support this bill. 

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FROM ILLINOIS TO CALL AND SUPPORT THIS BILL. A bill just like this has already been passed in Missouri. 

I called Governor Rauner's office and pledged my support of the bill yesterday and the person who answered the phone said that they had been getting a lot of calls for support of the bill.

Please watch the video above and pledge your support today! The phone call will only take 20 seconds of your time. 


Laura Zinger                                                                                                                       Executive Director 

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