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Surplus and Increase!


We declare to you this day that the heavens above you are pregnant with an abundance of the rain of God! 

This is Russ and Kitty Walden with Father's Heart Ministry. Friday is a day that we do something something different than the rest of the week. Friday is Giving Day! 

Our greatest desire is that you receive YOUR VERSION of OUR BREAKTHROUGH. Is that possible? Of course it is. Anything that God has given us we have authority to give away. Where does that begin? 

Your breakthrough begins first by receiving from God what money cannot buy. That began for us in 2007 when we met. We married our ministries in 2007 and three years later we were married in a beautiful ceremony after a prophetic meeting we hosted in Clinton, Missouri. It was a love story with God wrapped up in a love story between us. That was ONLY the beginning of our newfound fruitfulness! 

What about you? What is it that money cannot buy in your life? Listen! 

When you give of your finances God's response is to give back to you what dollars cannot purchase!  (Here)

That's what the widow of Zarephath found out when the prophet said to her in 1 Kings 17:13 "Make me a little cake first..." She gave of what she could little afford and not only did she survive but she thrived when all around her were in trouble. Are you tired of being in trouble? In your finances, in your relationships, in other areas of your life. 

Let me say this to you - a prophet has authority to release blessing over you when you engage them by faith. (Here) 

Some people insist that giving has nothing to do with it. Do they even read their bible? If the widow in 1 Kings 17 thought like that she would have died along with her son.

Today God is opening a door for you to escape the "worst case scenario." (Here)  

Are you ready for that? That is what Giving Day is all about. It is about Kitty and myself provoking you to come out of what is - into the higher glory where all your dreams are fulfilled and your highest heart's desire is spontaneously brought to pass. Does that sound unrealistic? It is! Because this is bringing you into a realm beyond what you have known. Kitty and I have walked in this place with God for over 10 years and God blasted us out of poverty and homelessness into leadership of a world-wide ministry that has reached over 10 million people. That is our dream. What is your dream? 

Giving into the Glory and You Will Reap the Greater Glory!  (Here)

Come alongside with us today and GIVE INTO THE ANOINTING. Give what the Holy Ghost is prompting you to give RIGHT NOW. Don't second guess or rationalize. Give liberally. Give promptly. Give obediently into THIS ANOINTING and see what God does! Amen? Amen!!! See the links below and we are STANDING WITH YOU! 

Let this be the transaction that takes place between you and your heavenly Father today. It's your time. It's a new day. The promise is becoming reality in your life! 

Why give? Because GIVING like NOTHING ELSE takes faith and activates a miracle in your life! We want you to have YOUR VERSION of our breakthrough. Start now by connecting with us by sowing your faith seed at the link below: 

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