JUNE 2021
A Personal Message from the Director
Happy June! I think it will be a happy month filled with good news. Wouldn’t that be a delightful change of pace?

We continue to host groups and Friends of Seabeck each week. The Dining Room is open and serving food using a served buffet. It seems to be working great. I think we will continue to serve this way until at least July. We had 95 people at meals one-weekend last month. We can do this while keeping staffing low because of our awesome staff filling many different roles and we even had a couple of volunteers help us during the big groups. We owe a big thank you to Arnie Marcus and Jan Viney for traveling to Seabeck and volunteering for three days. We could not have done it without you! THANK YOU!

We have instituted a policy that requires all Seabeck staff to be vaccinated for COVID-19. We feel that is the only way to ensure guest safety while on campus. I encourage all of you to do the same. It is currently required by the Washington State L&I that all guests be vaccinated or tested to attend events at Seabeck. This could change in the future, but we do not know when. Groups will be responsible for verifying compliance and each will set up its own system. Seabeck will not hold or see any records, except the group verification form from the registrar.

We look forward to a further opening and even less restriction during June. The numbers in Kitsap County are dropping dramatically so it looks like we are on track to be fully open by June 30th. Each month that is coming up looks stronger than the last. It is encouraging to see a brighter future.

Speaking of brighter futures, I think I have the Pines financing figured out. We are finalizing a deal with a Puget Sound non-profit lender that specializes in places like us, in positions like ours. It is still a few steps away, but we have preliminary approval, and we are pleased with the deal so far. This plan could see Pines construction re-start this month. When you hear a distanced scream of relief, that will be me. Many things are unknown about supply chain issues and timing, but we could see completion in August or early September. I know, I have set the date so many times, I would not listen to me either. Just know we will get it completed as soon as humanly possible. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates.

I think the end is in sight. I can feel the momentum-changing to recovery. We are going to make it, thanks to all of you! THANK YOU!


Thank You to all who Donated to Seabeck

Thank you so much
to everyone who
donated during
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A Short Story About Seabeck
I’ve been taking a writing class since early last fall and as I go through it all (now that the course is over) I found this piece I wrote to the prompt “tell us about your happy place.”    ~ Barbara ten Hove, Eliot Institute 

My Happy Place is Sad
The place is so quiet. And yet, I hear the ghosts speaking louder than the wind. And it’s not just because my happy place includes a graveyard. The ghosts are friendly, but they are sad.
The first time I came here I was sad. Well, maybe not exactly sad but overwhelmed and anxious. After three years of study and a summer of change, I had driven across the country to arrive in the greenest place I’d ever seen. With only a few days to settle into my new apartment, job, life, off I went to Seabeck Conference Center for the annual fall retreat hosted by my new congregation.
It seemed so far away. To get here took a couple of hours of driving and a ferry ride to boot. Arriving after dark, I heard the rumble of the log bridge underneath the wheels of the car and looked ahead of me at the old inn. So welcoming. So warm.
The next day was jammed with new faces and experiences and it was not until after all the programming was done and the evening had turned to night that I had a moment to breathe. Sitting on the hillside I looked out over the water and for a moment saw dancing lights, green and wavy. I heard someone up the hill gasp, “it’s the Northern Lights!” It seemed as if, just to welcome me to my new Northwest home, the aurora had appeared.
Since that October evening 35 years ago I have returned again and again to this special place. For conferences that filled every nook and cranny (250 hungry souls) to small meetings of a dozen or less. I’ve seen big trees come down and new buildings go up. I’ve laughed and cried and made music and, on one memorable May evening, met the man who would become my husband.
But today as I walk these grounds, I could find my way among blindfolded, the place is too quiet. Pandemic has forced people to stay at home and I am here with only a few hardy souls willing to risk gathering to provide support and care to this beloved institution. As my husband and I scuff through the fallen leaves, we come upon pedestals, on which poetry is inscribed. I read one. “Well-worn path – I take my memories for a walk.” And I do.
I breathe deeply and hear in my head the voices of beloved friends who have walked these paths with me throughout these many years. And though the quiet makes me sad, on this day, for the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful. Yes, my happy place is sad. And there will be better days ahead. For once, I truly believe it. And that makes me happy. 

Come Spend the Weekend at Seabeck

This is a great chance to come and spend a weekend at Seabeck and enjoy the quiet that comes with this time of year. We are still dealing with the pandemic restrictions but are able to have singles, couples or families come out, social distance, and enjoy Seabeck.
A Weekend at Seabeck
$200 per adult / $50 per youth/child
2 Nights plus 6 Meals
Private Bath Accommodations
We will continue to host special Seabeck weekends through spring when space is available. Weekends will be scattered throughout 2021 from at least January through June. Fall 2021 dates are to be determined if possible.

Seabeck Gift Certificates
There are also gift certificates that you can purchase. It makes a great birthday, anniversary, or a just because gift for anyone that loves to spend time at Seabeck.
Certificates cost $200 each and are good for a one-person, two-night/six meal stay at Seabeck during special weekends scheduled by Seabeck.

This certificate can also be used as credit toward the Annual Friends of Seabeck Weekend that will resume in December 2021. Your purchase of this certificate is not a tax-deductible gift, but your recipient can turn the certificate into a donation and claim the tax deduction. This certificate cannot be used for credit during any other stay with any other group or event, or for Seabeck merchandise.

Call the office at 360-830-5010 or email us at seabeck@seabeck.org if you are interested in booking a weekend.

New Babies at Seabeck
Geese are sometimes a nuisance but how can anyone say this isn't cute!
The babies showed up on May 13th after their mom went missing for a few weeks.
She must have been sitting on the nest.
June Random Acts of Kindness
Here is your June Random Acts of Kindness Calendar. Make someone smile today!
June 'Unofficial' Holidays!
June 1

There’s an adage that says that people may not remember what you do, but they’ll certainly remember how you made them feel, and at no time is that more true than on National Say Something Nice Day, observed on June 1 each year. This holiday is about lifting your co-workers, family members, acquaintances, even foes, with genuine kind words — being a “lifter,” and seeing how much healthier and happier you feel in the process. 
June 2

National Leave the Office Early Day on June 2 is for those of you who find yourself living to work instead of working to live. The annual holiday was founded by employee productivity expert Laura Stack in 2004 to raise awareness of the benefits of increased workplace productivity. When the unofficial holiday falls on a weekend, the day is celebrated on either Friday, June 1, or Monday, June 3. 
June 3

Eggs had some tough years as health experts fretted about the high cholesterol content. But after a revision of the American Heart Association’s guidelines in 2000, the health benefits of eggs seemed to outweigh the concerns. The AHA says healthy adults can enjoy an egg per day and easily remain within the daily cholesterol limit.

June 4

June 4 is National Cheese Day. Not to be confused with other popular cheese related holidays like grilled cheese day, cheesecake day, or mac and cheese day. This day is in reverence of the queen of all dairy, the big cheese.
June 5

World Environment Day urges all of us to protect our natural surroundings. The stunning facts? An estimated 7 million people die each year from causes related to air pollution, with a majority occurring in the Asia-Pacific region. This day, which falls on June 5, encourages worldwide activism. That means everything from littering to climate change. 
June 6

If it seems like yo-yos have been around forever, that’s because they have; we’re talking over 2,000 years! Some believe it all started in ancient Greece, but modern yo-yos likely came from the Philippines. In fact, the word “yo-yo” first appeared in a Filipino dictionary in 1860. But they didn’t become popular stateside until the 1930s. Pedro Flores (of Filipino descent) began mass producing
yo-yos in 1928. 
June 7

Here’s a little-known chocolatey morsel of info for National Chocolate Ice Cream Day — chocolate ice cream was actually invented before vanilla. You heard right — the earliest ice cream flavors were modeled after drinks, so chocolate naturally came before vanilla because hot chocolate was very popular in 17th-century Europe. 
June 8

Whether they’re near or far, old or new, best friends help to carry us through our lives. This June 8, National Best Friends Day, it’s time to tell them how much we appreciate their company. As the Mayo Clinic reports: “Friends help you cope with traumas, such as divorce, serious illness, job loss, or the death of a loved one. 
June 9

Donald Duck made his cartoon debut in “The Wise Little Hen” back in the summer of 1934. But he wouldn’t meet Mickey Mouse until his second appearance in “Orphan’s Benefit” later that year. From there, it wasn’t long before Daisy Duck and his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie were introduced. 
June 10

Tea has been around forever, but iced tea didn’t burst onto the scene and win over America’s hearts and minds until 1904. In that year, visitors to the St. Louis World’s Fair were greeted by exceedingly hot weather. Tea plantation owner and merchant Richard Blechynden, who was present at the fair, took advantage of the situation by selling chilled tea drinks (instead of hot tea) as a cold refreshment. 
June 11

Some call it “corn-stick,” others go with “sweet pole,” but we like to call it amazing — especially when you use those cute plastic corn on the cob handles. National Corn on the Cob Day falls on June 11 — the perfect pre-summer date. (Although, for most home gardens, mid-June is still too early for the harvest.) But you can’t blame anyone for being in a hurry. 
June 12

Cookie lovers and peanut butter lovers unite to celebrate National Peanut Butter Cookie Day on June 12! The key ingredients of peanut butter cookies are peanut butter, sugar, and eggs — and in their simplest form, that’s all that you’ll need. Peanut butter cookies are incredibly easy to make, and if you’re a peanut butter lover, they always hit the spot. Read on for more ways to celebrate one of the most popular cookies ever!
June 13

Do the names Elias Howe or Isaac Singer mean anything to you? If you’ve ever taken a Home Ec course (or even worn clothes, for that matter) they should — those two gentlemen are credited with the invention of the modern sewing machine. While the wheel, telephone, and personal computer get a lot of the glory for changing how humans live, the sewing machine is somewhat of an unsung hero. 
June 14

Every year on June 14, organizations all around the globe celebrate World Blood Donor Day. An event that raises awareness to the importance that donating blood means to the health industry, as the range of uses is way more diverse than anyone thinks. From plasma treatments to research and emergency uses, donating blood has been an important cornerstone that has aided the world on several occasions.
June 15

Help spread the word for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15. It can be hard to imagine that anyone would deliberately want to harm an elderly person, but unfortunately, elder abuse is a widespread problem. Some instances of elder abuse are intended to exploit the person financially; you’ve probably heard of scams targeting seniors. In other cases, it’s simple negligence: Caregivers don’t provide the basic necessities, like nutritious food, appropriate medication, safety, or assistance with hygiene. If you see something, say something.
June 16

Ever hear anyone exclaim, “Oh, fudge!” when they’ve screwed something up? Like the Slinky, the Post-It note, potato chips, and penicillin, the dense candy-like treat known as fudge is believed to have been a mistake. According to legend, a confectioner flubbed while trying to make caramel, but ended up creating something just as tasty. We celebrate this happy accident on June 16, which is National Fudge Day.
June 17

If veggies aren’t your favorite food already, National Eat Your Vegetables Day on June 17 is a great time to give them a try. After all, vegetables are very healthy. If you can manage a little experimentation in the kitchen, you can discover how many delicious recipes there are for them. So whether you’re digging into your favorite salad or trying kale for the first time, today is all about finishing the most colorful things on your plate.

June 18

International Picnic Day is on June 18, and we’re using our time to celebrate easily — with a picnic! Picnics have been a staple of most cultures for years and, believe it or not, their popularity can be traced directly to the French Revolution. Our definitions of a picnic might be different, but it’s a great way to bring people together for an enjoyable day.
June 19

The freedom of African Americans from slavery in the U.S. in 1865 is celebrated on the holiday Juneteenth on June 19. Juneteenth is made up of the words ‘June’ and ‘nineteenth,’ and it is on this day that Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Texas more than 155 years ago to inform slaves that slavery had been abolished.
June 20

Where would we be without dads? Honestly, who would show off ‘dad jeans,’ tell the same somewhat amusing jokes at Thanksgiving, or spin those charming childhood stories? But of course, there’s far more to dads than their wardrobe choices and endless nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ (Elton John, David Bowie, and Queen — we get it). Still, dads are heroes. On June 20 be sure to let your dad know how much he means to you.
June 21

Most of us have an innate understanding of music. Even if we can’t play an instrument, or even sing, somehow, we can connect with rhythms and melodies. Heck, even plants understand music. Did you know they tend to grow faster after a generous helping of classical music? It’s true. The World Day of Music, celebrated each June 21, highlights music’s universal appeal. It’s meant to make music more inclusive and encourage people of varying skill levels to interact a lot more with all types of tunes.
June 22

If you’ve got a craving for all things deep-fried, National Onion Ring Day is the holiday for you! On June 22, the nation celebrates the irresistible deliciousness of onion rings—often by eating as many of them as possible. It’s unclear when onion rings were first developed, but an onion ring-like recipe appeared in an 1802 cookbook, and another surfaced in a New York newspaper in 1910.
June 23

National Pink Day is celebrated on June 23 every year. As you might imagine, it’s a day to celebrate the meaning, history, and beauty of the pale shade of red. Surveys in both the United States and Europe found pink to be most commonly associated with femininity, sensitivity and tenderness. From pink being a subject of recent pop culture, to interesting facts about the delightful shade throughout time, the day celebrates all things pink.
June 24

On the last Thursday in June we celebrate National Work From Home Day, this year it is June 24. It’s a chance to recognize the technological and cultural evolutions that allow us as a work culture to be as productive anywhere in the world as we are in the office. For years, working at home had been the purview of certain types of jobs, or saved as a bonus to reward employees while the rest of us battled with the daily commute.
June 25

National Take Your Dog to Work Day, celebrated annually on the Friday following Father’s Day (June 25), honors one of our most beloved pets. Wouldn’t you agree, the hardest part of the day is leaving our four-legged fur babies behind as we head to the office? So, when Pet Sitters International (PSI) pitched the idea of taking them with us, how could we resist? 
June 26

It was the lunch table trump snack. If you looked in your sack lunch and saw a Snack Pack, SwissMiss, or Jell-o brand chocolate pudding, you knew you had top currency. The lunch table and all its contents were your domain, and you could trade for anything you wanted. Not that you ever would, of course. Indulging yourself in a little chocolate pudding doesn’t have to be a nostalgic childhood memory a feel-good pastime. We’re pleased to tell you that June 26 is National Chocolate Pudding Day, when adults and kids alike can heap spoonful after spoonful of the stuff with abandon. 
June 27

Nearly everyone who grew up during a certain part of the late 20th century is familiar with Bingo. The game, which first came to the U.S. in the 1930s, started with paper cards sporting 24 numbered squares arranged in five rows and five columns — plus that enticing “free space” in the middle which seems to promise a short cut to riches! 
June 28

We’re bubbling with excitement to tell you about National Tapioca Day on June 28 when you can explore this less popular – though no less delicious – carb. Made from the cassava plant, tapioca is versatile, though tapioca pudding is the most popular American dish made with this ingredient, including savory dinner dishes. Tapioca pudding combines tapioca pearls with liquid to form a delicious, creamy mix. 
June 29

Smile! National Camera Day is June 29, a day to celebrate the fact that photography, once so complicated it took a scientist to understand, is now part of our everyday lives. The word “photography” is based on two Greek words that, when put together, mean “writing with light.’” It’s a beautiful way of describing what a camera lets us do — tell a story without the use of words. 
June 30

First there was the telephone, then the fax machine, and then social media — a revolutionary way of communicating. Since its creation, people have been able to connect with each other like never before. Friends and family can connect at any moment, and marketers have been able to reach consumers in an entirely new fashion. In fact, people use social media for an average of 144 minutes every single day. 


Ways to Donate to Seabeck
Want to help us lay the foundation for the next decade of Seabeck Conference Center?
There are many ways, not all of them involving huge disbursements of cash.
Here are some creative ideas you might not have thought about:

Cash Donation Today
Tax-deductible gifts via check, credit card, in person, or online. Please consider
upping your regular gift by another 10 percent.

Automatic Monthly Payments
Gifts can be deducted periodically from your bank account, making larger donations
easier by spreading them over time.

Low-Cost Appreciated Stock
Avoid paying the capital gains by giving full-market value to Seabeck Conference Center.

In-Kind Donation
We are always in need of furniture, lighting, rugs, and much more - the market value is tax-deductible.

Multi-Year Pledges
A great way to ensure support will be there when we need it year after year.

Designated Gifts
Donate to a targeted project or capital campaign.

Commemorative Gifts
Donate a bench or rocking chair in honor of someone or something important to you.

A Bequest in Your Will
Your gift can be a specific sum or a percentage of an estate after other bequests.
Just add an addendum to your existing will.

Life Insurance and Savings Accounts
Same as retirement plans, except those payments made to Seabeck Conference Center
are exempt only from estate taxes.

IRA's and Retirement Plans
Your estate receives a charitable deduction for the full gift amount on estate and income
taxes, while we receive full donation value. Non-charitable heirs receive only a part of
the value (since inherited assets are subject to estate and income taxes).

Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)
A QCD is a direct transfer of funds from your IRA custodian, payable to a qualified charity. QCDs can be counted toward satisfying your required minimum distributions (RMDs) for the year, as long as certain rules are met. You must be 70 1/2 or older to be eligible to make a QCD.

All gifts are welcome. Seabeck Conference Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your contribution may be tax-deductible. If you have any questions, please contact our Executive Director, Chuck Kraining at (360) 830-5010 or email him at chuck@seabeck.org.

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