June 2019 News & Views
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A Message from the Director
I attended the Deaf/Bind Citizens Council meeting in Seattle last month. We provided cupcakes and information on the Pines project. We even had brochures made into braille so more people could get the information. I had a great time seeing some old friends from Deaf/Blind Camp and meeting some new ones. Paula Hoffman interpreted for me and we had a great time chatting with folks. Toward the end, a deaf lady was talking to us through sign language. She hadn’t been to Seabeck in a few years but was hoping to return soon. When I got done explaining the Pines project, she paused and then signed back with a grin, “It’s about time you did something about that building.” I could not agree more. HAHA.

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend with our friends from East Shore and University Unitarian Churches. We had our first salmon bake and it went well. Our partners in the Yakama tribe have informed us that there is a shortage of salmon in the Columbia River this year and they will not be able to supply us. We used Alaskan King Salmon and it worked fine. We are excited to have a reliable source of salmon this summer. 

We would like every group that uses Seabeck to have a brick on the Pines patio. Many of our groups have already done so. Keep your eyes out for a mailing to the group leaders in June asking for support. How cool would it be to see your group’s name on the patio at Pines?

I can’t wait to see many of you this summer. It’s an exciting time around the campus. We have hired most of the staff for the busy season (65+!!!). It seems like a great mix of familiar faces and energetic young people starting their first job ever. I think this is going to be a great summer!

See you soon,
This Little Piggy Needs a Home
This cute weather vane arrived this week. Jodie found it online and added it to some of our brochures. I liked it so much I decided it needed to top our beautiful new Pines building. Now we just need a beautiful new building. Most people would start with the foundation. Not us, we start at the top!

We are still short of funds to begin the project this fall. We are at a critical time when we need to decide to build or not. We are working with our foundation partners to raise around $1,000,000. I figure that puts us around $500,000 from being able to start. I cannot thank enough those donors who have given to the campaign. Your support means the world to us. I believe it will be the last Capital Campaign for at least 4-5 years. So, with that in mind, I am asking for the following:

  •  If you have not given to the campaign, please send a pledge form in today. You can do a onetime gift or pledge a gift over many years. Please consider how you might support Seabeck over the next 3-5 years and consider a multiyear pledge in that amount. This will help get this building built this year and allow you to fulfill your pledge at a more leisurely pace.

  • If you have donated, THANK YOU! Please consider your planned giving to Seabeck over the next few years and extend or increase your gift or pledge. By extending your pledge period beyond your current end date, you can continue to give to Seabeck and enable the Pines to start this fall.

Together we can get this building started in September. A mailer is going out next week with more information. We must have a good idea of available funds by July 20th to be able to sign the notice to proceed with our contractors.

Anything you can do will get us close to that moment.


Helping To Save the Environment
This is a blog created by one of our long time Seabeck guest, Jaco ten Hove.

Here’s help to do little things that make a big
difference in keeping more out of the landfill!

Who's at Seabeck?

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Seabeck Multi-Age UU Memorial Day Weekend Retreat

Theme for 2019

Guy Nelson is well-known in the Seattle area as a long-time radio host on KUOW-NPR. He’s also a professional actor and musician, and he travels around the world training people and organizations in communication and creativity. Guy has performed and directed improvisational theater for decades in the Puget Sound region and nationally, and he believes there is a deep connection between creativity, improvisation and spirituality.

Returning by popular demand to our retreat and community for the second year in a row, Guy will lead us this year in plenty of fun games that explore the many ways we move our bodies. That includes various dances and improvisational activities, done solo or in groups. The games are simple and all-inclusive; no dance experience is needed, just bring some comfy clothes. Like other forms of improvisation, they can transport you into a creative mental space that raises your self-awareness and deepens your connection to others. Participation – mind, body and spirit – is as you are willing and able, as always.

This was also the first Salmon Bake of the 2019 summer season, and the weather allowed us to celebrate at the Beach.

The Pines Capital Campaign

We have a desire to continue to offer our services for many years to come. Seabeck Conference Center is happy to serve people like you, and we invite you to be a part of our legacy. Your donation will help us build a new Pines (ready by Spring 2020) that will be a place for future generations to gather.

Donation Information below was updated May 25, 2019
All gifts are welcome. Seabeck Conference Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and your contribution may be tax deductible. If you have any questions, please contact our Executive Director, Chuck Kraining at (360) 830-5010 or email him at  chuck@seabeck.org .

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