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Here is what's happening in our classrooms!
Principal's Corner
Hello TES Families,

Welcome back to a new school year! It's starting to feel a little like Fall and we would like to show you what our classrooms have been working on since our first day back.
I want to invite you all to our annual Open House next Thursday, October 4th. Our K-6 classrooms will be open from 5:30-7:00. Please stop by to see what we have been doing so far this year, meet teachers, and interact with other parents. Children are welcome and make great tour guides! They love to share their classrooms with all the important people in their lives. We look forward to seeing you next Thursday!

A couple of side notes:
Please keep in mind that during drop off and pick up hours, there are many children and parents in the parking lot. Please drive and walk as safely as possible. If you are needing to get out of the car or help your child out of your car, please pull into a parking space.

Also our Lost & Found is growing! Please stop by if you are missing articles of clothing etc. We would love to find their owners!

Colin McLaughlin

P.S. You can find important dates and links to our Instagram and Facebook pages at the bottom of this email!
Ms. Bette's Kindergarten Class
Kindergarten is off to a wonderful start. We have been to our Outdoor Classroom twice. It is located on the TA campus. It is wonderful to see the children engage with nature and explore the environment with creativity.
Ms. Rogers' Kindergarten Class
Mrs. Rogers' class has been exploring a variety of math manipulatives. Our favorite so far has been pattern blocks!

Ms. Kate's 1st & 2nd Grade Class
Ms. Kate’s Helpful Hedgehogs have had a great first month of school. We’ve spent time getting to know each other, building classroom rules, establishing regular routines, and exploring concepts like Growth Mindset, peace, and our role as helpers in our communities. This past two weeks we took some time to take all that we had read and discussed about peace to create a chain of peace flags for our school community. Students each brainstormed what they think peace is and then illustrated their idea on a canvas flag. You can see them hanging in our school entryway.
Ms. Oliver's 1st & 2nd Grade Class
Ms. Oliver's first and second grade classroom has been learning about personal responsibility in caring for our learning space. We have written classroom expectations together and assigned jobs. While we are all doing our best to keep our room looking and feeling good, recently, our resident raccoon Dewey Bob was seen cleaning up after school hours. We decided as a class we need to do even better, and take care to recycle scrap paper, put away markers and crayons, and push in chairs. Thanks, Dewey Bob!
Ms. Atherton's 1st & 2nd Grade
The first and second graders in Mrs. Atherton’s room have been priming themselves for an excellent year of science and engineering. This week they practiced working in groups to design and build tables using only newspaper and masking tape. Some were strong enough to hold a few of our new math books!
Ms. Bennett's 3rd & 4th Grade
Students in Ms. Bennett’s 3/4 class made some great rules! 
Genre wheels in Ms. Bennett’s 3/4 class help students to read a variety of texts. 
Ms. Bradley's 3rd & 4th Grade
For the next seven weeks in Art class Mrs. Bradley’s 3rd and 4th graders will be working with our town’s senior citizens on the annual Puppet Project. With their help, paper mache puppets are made and used in four skits that are based on Thetford’s history. Asa Burton, Quail John, and Turkey Joe are a few of the many colorful characters that played an important role in establishing our town. Besides the learning that comes from producing the final show on October 24th, the relationships the children develop with these seniors is what makes this project so rewarding.
Ms. Mousley's 3rd and 4th Grade
Ms. Mousley’s class has been adding in more mindfulness and movement into their day. Here are our 3rd and 4th graders trying some new energizers before starting writing. 
Group work helps make learning multiplication and division
strategies more fun! 
Ms Harrington's 5th Grade
Fifth graders in Ms. Harrington’s class have been enjoying the books in our classroom library, starting to draft personal narratives, and developing mathematical mindsets while solving open-ended geometry, algebra, and data problems. They have also had time to develop class rules, hook individual mini-rugs, and adopt several caterpillars this month.
Mr. LaRoche's & Ms. Kendall's
6th Grade Classes
The sixth grade has launched our study of Ancient Greek civilization and mythology. We started by creating both physical and political maps of Ancient Greece and exploring elements of mythological stories. Sixth graders are responsible for our compost system here at TES. Joette and Cat introduced the science behind our compost and how it works to help make our school and planet more sustainable and green!
Beth's Art Classes
The theme in the art room this year considers the question, “How can art make the world a better place and how can you help?”  Kids in every grade listened to the book Only One You by Linda Kranz. This young children’s board book tells the story of a little fish venturing out into the world with advice from his parents. We used the messages in the book to arrive at our classroom expectations and to inspire their designs. Each child used a variety of media to decorate a fish with patterns, their name and a piece of advice they chose. The kids decided the display should be wrapped around a Peace sign.