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June 2020

Dear Staying Put Members and Friends,
We are writing to encourage you to embrace new technology in these unprecedented times. 

Meeting new challenges: The last few months have been – and continue to be – difficult for everyone, especially older adults and people with underlying health conditions who are most at risk from COVID-19. We are all being challenged to act in ways which are new to us: isolating at home, wearing masks and gloves, not seeing friends and family. In the absence of an effective vaccine against the virus, it is hard to imagine returning to our former ways.  One tool which holds great potential in addressing our medical and social needs is videoconferencing .

Telemedecine: In the medical realm, videoconferencing is known as telemedecine. Anyone who has had to see a doctor during the last two months knows that many providers have chosen not to see patients in their offices. Instead, they have relied on the use of cell phones, tablets, iPads, and computers to “examine” patients remotely. For the most part, this system works well and has the added benefits of avoiding the hassles of travel and waiting as well as protecting patients from potential exposure to illness in the doctor’s office. In fact, the system has worked so well that, as of April 30, 2020, Medicare has agreed to reimburse visits by video, in person, or by phone, as have most supplemental insurers. 

Essential medical appointments: Obviously, there will still be a need to visit some doctors in person. If you need to go to see a doctor for an essential medical service – such as your cardiologist or ophthalmologist, or for a treatment – Staying Put will arrange a ride.  But after the pandemic ends, telemedicine is here to stay, so it’s time we embraced it.

Social needs: Regarding our social needs, videoconferencing is already proving to be a life-changer.  Families, friends, and employees have been able to see and talk with each other remotely via Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime.  Staying Put has already hosted Men’s Coffees via Zoom and will be collaborating with Lapham on virtual Lunch and Learns, where we will deliver lunch to members and they can enjoy a live program at home. Other virtual events include a Dinner “in,” where Staying Put will deliver meals from a favorite restaurant to members who will dine at home “with” 6 to 8 other members over Zoom. Other ways to use this technology include seeing and talking to children in real time, reading a book to your grandchild, participating in your book group, or watching a streamed lecture from the Library.

Devices: What do you need to make this happen? A smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Staying Put will match you with a volunteer who will walk you through the steps of downloading an application on your device and will then explain how to use it. For any member who wishes to take advantage of this technology and does not have a device, equipment is available.

Your first step: Call Staying Put at 203-966-7762.  The staff is here in this time of change to help ensure you live safely at home and stay connected with family, friends, and the community.

Barb, Cathy, Laura and Nicola   
We are here to help you connect!

Lapham will be closed through the summer and all Staying Put events will be virtual. For the foreseeable future, if you want to stay connected to family, friends, and your medical care providers, you will have to think about accessing the new videoconferencing technology. Staying Put can help you get started. 

Beginning June 1st, Staying Put will be connecting members with tech volunteers.

Zoom Training: What the heck is Zooming? Volunteers will help you gain access to new technologies like Zoom and FaceTime that can link you to your doctors, interesting programs, and your friends! Call 966-7762 to set up an appointment. 

Do you have a device? It’s easy to connect If you have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If you don’t have a device, we can find one for you. 
Join us for some Virtual Events
June Calendar
Thurs., June 4, 12 pm:   Zoom Lunch and Learn with Lapham: A Conversation with Mike Handler. The Town’s Emergency Management Director will provide an update on the Town re-opening plan.   Participants will have a Lunch delivered to their homes.  Free. RSVP.

Mon., June 8, 1 pm:   New to Zoom Rehearsal: Practice Zooming with Aggie. Lapham Assistant Director Aggie Aspinwall will invite you to participate in a Zoom practice meeting and will give you tips on how to get the most out of the experience. Free. RSVP.  

Wed., June 10, 12 pm:  Zoom Lunch and Learn: “Something Old, Something New: A Look at Connecticut Weddings through the Ages.” Presented by the Connecticut Historical Society.  Participants will have a Lunch delivered to their homes.   Free. RSVP.

Mon., June 15, 9:30 am:   Zoom Men’s Coffee. Pete Stair will “host” a virtual discussion. Make your own cup of java and enjoy the conversation. Free. RSVP.

Wed., June 17, 6 pm:  Dinner “in” from 123 Restaurant. Chef Jeff will prepare a special menu featuring some of our members’ favorite dishes. Volunteers will deliver a 3-course meal to your home which you can enjoy while talking on the phone or Zooming with your friends. Checks must be received by June 12th. No last minute orders will be taken. Call for menu and to RSVP. $25.
Get Connected in the Community:

Rides to Medical Appointments: Beginning in June, Staying Put will be partnering with the GetAbout to provide transportation to essential medical appointments. Call the office to learn about the restrictions. Call Staying Put at 966-7762.

Lapham News, Quizzes, and Adventures: Sign up for Lapham’s entertaining and informative daily e-newsletters.  Call Lapham at 594-3620.

Emergency Outcall: Register for the Town’s emergency outcall list to hear information during emergencies.  Call 594-3001 or go to

Book-A-Librarian: Library staff are available to you by phone or video conference call during the Library's closure! Staff members will provide book recommendations, access to ebooks, and tech support. Call Kayla at 594-5084 to make an appointment:

Summer Clean Up: The Service League of Boys will help get your yard ready for summer. Call Staying Put to reserve some muscle! Call Staying Put at 966-7762. 

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Our Gentleman Members enjoyed their Men's Coffee
led by the wonderful Pete Stair.