Volume 01 #05  | May 2017
Your Monthly News & Updates
May 4, 2017 was National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day
Morningstar and Community Events
Morningstar is attending Career Service events in both Camden and Glynn County through the College of Coastal Georgia throughout the fall and spring.  

We have been to the Business Expo on Jekyll Island, Health and Wellness fairs, and health fairs.  You can spot us at First Friday in September and October in Historic Brunswick, GA this fall.
Ace Garden Center, St. Simons
Thank you for the recent donation of flowers for our garden by the Administration and the Miller Counseling Center on campus.  The youth really love all the colors and being able to water them as well as has been therapeutic. 
Art Exhibit at the Brunswick Stewido – May 2017 
Thank you to the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation for the grant to have an art program.  Morningstar had an exhibit in honor of May 4, 2017, which was National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day.  In addition, we want to thank Harlan and the Brunswick Stewido for the window space for the exhibit.
  Upcoming Fundraiser in Brunswick, Georgia on May 31, 2017:
Katie Morse | Morningstar CFS, Inc. | (912) 267-3700 ext 2122 | kmorse@morningstarcfs.org | www.morningstarcfs.org