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Summer, 2015
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Message from your CCSNMMI President

CCSNMMI-TS President-Elect


Lisa M. Hazen, BS, CNMT,RT(N),FSNMTS

Coloma, MI

I think we can officially say that spring has sprung in every corner of the Central Chapter now.  Was a long time getting here, but so very happy we can look forward to enjoying the beautiful weather and activities that comes with living in this part of the United States.


With that also comes the changing of the guards, if you will, within the Chapter.  Tina Buehner has graciously accepted to continue in the role as President for the 2015-2016 year due to circumstances beyond our control.  I will begin my journey as President-Elect for the second time in my career and I welcome the challenge as the landscape of our profession is continuously changing.  I like to look at it as going through yet another metamorphosis.  If you've been around long enough, then you know the stories first hand.  CT is going to kill nuclear medicine, then, it was MRI followed by echo in the cardiac world.  Sure we have faced some challenges and have lost numbers to these modalities, but I feel confident that we will survive this change, as well.  Believe in your profession and remember we are unique!   As reimbursement changes come down the pipe, talk of Mo99 shortages loom and healthcare reform continues to stretch every single dollar and minute, it is important to keep your finger on the pulse.  Help us help you!   We need your input and to hear your day to day struggles.  We can't guarantee you'll get the answers or outcomes you want, but I assure you that I will take your concerns forward.  You will have a voice.  The Chapter has a private LinkedIn account that is only open to members, so apply and if you are a member, you'll request will be granted.  Tell us what you think.  As questions of your colleagues and let us know what you are doing to survive in this crazy time. 


I look forward to representing you and meeting many of you at our Chapter events over the next few years.  Have a wonderful Spring and beginning of Summer.  You'll hear from us again after the annual meeting.  Speaking of which, i f you have issues that need to be taken up the chain, please let your leadership know.
Please send an email to by Wednesday, June 3

The Central Chapter Does Something Different!

Add some Nuclear Medicine Technologists, food, fun, networking and door prizes, at a fun place, what do you get?  A first ever Social Mixer in Peoria for Nuclear Medicine Technologist at TGIF (Friday's) on April 23rd. 


We feel that we do a very good job of presenting ourselves in larger cities.  This makes sense and should continue, taking presentations to the most Techs.  Well, what about representation to  other areas  of the chapter?  No doubt technologists in smaller markets need and want credits and presentation as much as anyone.  April 23th we put that to the test in Peoria, Illinois.  We hosted a complimentary social mixer for all techs, members of the Central Chapter or not.  We presented this a  fun early evening event with food, fun, fellowship.  This was a  time to come together, meet old friends, join in conversation with others.  Most attendees  were local, some out of state or represented the Central Chapter.  We hope to see the two winners of the free fall meeting registration in Indianapolis.


Outreach of the Central Chapter

15%'>To contact one of the board members, visit our website or email Ann Voslar (chairperson) or Matt Miller .

2015 SNMMI
Capital Hill Day


Nancy McDonald, MS, CNMT

SNMMI Illinois TAG Member

Manager, Imaging Services

Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Every year, the Society of Nuclear Medicine Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) has members attend the 2015 Capitol Hill Lobbying Day in Washington, DC. This year, on April 26th  and 27th,  as the Illinois Technologist Advocacy Group (TAG ) member for the state of Illinois, I had the opportunity to attend.  The duties of a state TAG member are to identify changes in state laws/regulations concerning the practice of nuclear medicine, address any concerns or questions submitted by SNMMI-TS members from their state, and keep aware of all other news or policy changes that might affect SNMMI's technologists. 


We had an opportunity to educate Senators and Representatives on behalf of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) on issues concerning our members and the importance of imaging to both patient care and healthcare savings.  The intent of our day was to urge  Senator/ Representatives to take action to support molecular imaging and nuclear medicine by ensuring patients get the right test, at the right time, with the right dose, achieved through supporting the availability of a reliable domestic supply of Mo-99  and ensuring appropriate reimbursement for diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals.  While the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) currently set Medicare hospital payment rates for nuclear medicine procedures and radiopharmaceutical drugs, these rates, in the many cases, do not cover the provider costs of all diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals.   SNMMI requests Congress to appeal that CMS include SNMMI's recommendation (to create packaged radiopharmaceutical drugs APCs, separate from nuclear medicine procedure APCs) in the Calendar Year 2016 HOPPS proposed rule. 


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President Message


Michelle Kritzman, MS
2014-15 CCSNMMI President 

Springtime! What a great and exciting time of year. Each spring the CCSNMMI holds its annual meeting. This year the meeting, Nuclear Medicine A to Z, was held in Oakbrook, IL.  Topics ranged from "How to get paid for these studies" to a Read with the experts session. This was the first time the Chapter has tried a Read with the expert session and it was a great success! It is a marvelous way to see interesting cases and make a diagnosis (anonymously - which is the best way when you are a physicist such as myself!)  The same anonymous voting was also utilized during four Self Assessment Modules (SAM) sessions. For the past few years, the CCSNMMI has been able to offer four SAM credits per meeting (spring and fall) for our physician and physicist attendees. If you are looking for a way to obtain SAM credits, this is a great venue to acquire them. We will continue to strive to bring the best possible educational experience to all the members of our chapter.  


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Save The Date!
2015 CCSNMMI Fall Education Symposium  


Nuclear Medicine Trilogy: The Doctor, Physicist and Technology Perspective

October 10-11, 2015

Hyatt Regency Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN

Wisconsin Society of Nuclear Medicine Technology Seeking Members

The Wisconsin Society of Nuclear Medicine Technology (WSNMT) is a Central Chapter-TS affiliated organization based in Wisconsin that provides continuing education and networking opportunities to Nuclear Medicine professionals. There are two four-hour CE sessions (Spring and Fall) during the year with topics ranging from how to relieve stress in the workplace to alternative molybdenum production techniques and everything in between. Topics typically come from attendee suggestions/ demand. The meetings are also a great place to connect with others in the Nuclear Medicine community.


Membership is not required to attend the CE sessions, but is encouraged to be kept in the loop of upcoming events or to vote for board members. The WSNMT board meets at least twice a year at which time meeting topics, locations, and various other items of business are discussed and decided.


Anyone may sign up on the website ( or at one of our symposiums. The Spring Symposium is being held at Aurora BayCare Medical Center in Green Bay on May 2 from 7:15-12:15. Speakers, host sites, and topic suggestions are always welcomed and may be given to one of the WSNMT board members or entered via the website. Attempts are made to host meetings at various locations around the state to accommodate various regions.


To contact one of the board members, visit our website or email Ann Voslar (chairperson) or
Matt Miller .