Becoming Visible
See all the new stuff we are doing at CDRW. We are becoming visible again and having fun doing it.
President Ellie's Message

Wow, I have to tell you, red is “so” my favorite color. I have red: shoes, purse, watch, pants, sweater and cell phone cover. I just love that color. Now if I only lived in a red state.

Ladies we need to turn this state red. And we all need to take this ever so seriously. We have got to find ways in our everyday life to make it known that the conservative philosophy is actually a kinder way to help others move ahead in life. 

Higher taxes that our democratic run legislator just passed will cost all of us, not just the institutions that were hit with all of these new taxes.

As small business owners, my husband and I are getting so frustrated with all the new taxes and fees the state keeps putting on us. We are starting to ask, “why are we bothering”, we could make more money working for someone else. These fees enviably get handed down to the consumer.

The cost of house construction continues to go up because of business taxes and because of all the expensive permits that must be bought.

Taxation is only one dismal issue. The social issues are another. Some blue states have gotten so carried away on homeless problems, sanctuary state, drug problems, abortion and so much more and instead of finding a good balance in our state, our governor idolizes those other states, doesn’t take into consideration what we the voter wants and signs things into law.

This has got to stop. It is going to take the efforts of all of us to stop it. Not only get out to vote but be a support in every other way we can of conservative candidates, issues and initiatives.


Our Speaker is
Gary Ivory, Douglas County PUD

Come listen to Gary Ivory, manager of Douglas County PUD, tell us about the hydrogen storage, the process, and other things going on. 
And 1 Got Away

Last month we hosted Senator Brad Hawkins and Representative Keith Goehner.

We were able to catch Brad before he left but Representative Goehner got away before we caught him for a photo.

We are thankful that both our Legislators came to give us an update on Olympia.

Flag Day - June 14th
Remember to fly the flag on June 14th.

Show other Americans how much you love this great country.
Legislation with Marianne
Washington State Joins West Coast Bloc of Sanctuary

On May 21, 2019, Governor Inslee signed a measure implementing broad sanctuary protections that rank among the strongest in the nation. Local jails and state prisons will be prohibited from complying with voluntary “immigration holds” requested by federal authorities, or from notifying federal authorities when an immigrant is about to be released from their custody. 
Sanctuary laws hamper the ability of police to do their job. According to State Sen. Phil Fortunato, “this not only puts law enforcement at risk, it puts private citizens at risk”.
More than 76,000 migrants crossed the border without authorization in February, 2019, an 11-year high According to the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection “the system is well beyond capacity and remains at the breaking point.” Border agents are struggling to
meet medical needs of thousands who continue to arrive, sometimes
at the rate of 2200 a day.
Initiative 1648 titled
Let the Voters Decide on Tax Increases is gathering signatures
If successful, it would force any new tax increases to expire one year after taking effect unless approved by a 2/3 legislative vote or a majority of the popular vote. 1646 is sponsored by Tim Eyman and needs 320,000 signatures by July 5 to qualify for the ballot. To learn more or view petitions, visit:
Pictured from left to right: 
April Featherkile, Ellie Ownbey, President, Darlene Crum, Vivian Norwood, Marianne Carnes, Chm.
Caring for America with April
 T hank you, Thank you...The ladies of CDRW really came through for the Haven of Hope.
This 2 year, 27 bed transitional home for women and their children, were overwhelmed with gratitude for the donations we gave them in June. My estimate of the value is about $250. There were  97 items of TP, paper towels, laundry and dish soap, cleaning products and feminine hygiene products. Many were in the huge economy size! Sienna said that many items will personally help the ladies for many months who are without funds. She offered a prayer of thanksgiving for our service.

    Last month we donated $350 in cash to the Royal Family Kids summer program that serves abused children now in foster care. The money will be used in the "I Spy" program: small gifts for doing exceptional acts of kindness to be used at camp and taken home. As Sheriff and Ms Brian Burnett wrote "On behalf of RFK 207 we want to say thank you for the helping us make moments that matter in the lives of these little ones" Bravo, ladies.

There will be NO charity for the month of July. Save your money for our fund raiser on July 11th. Hope to you there.

April Featherkile

As part of President Ellie's "Becoming Visible" project this year, Chairwoman, April Featherkile is researching red t-shirts with our logo on them.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.
The Celebration of Women's Suffrage Begins!

June 4, 1919: Senate Clears 19th Amendment for Ratification by States

A future Suffragist learning how women won the right to vote
June 4 marked the 100th anniversary of the day the Senate voted to send the Women's Suffrage Amendment to the States, setting off the race for ratification. First out of the gate were Illinois (June 10), Wisconsin (June 10), Michigan (June 10), Kansas (June 16), Ohio (June 16), New York (June 16), Pennsylvania (June 24), Massachusetts (June 25), and Texas (June 28). See history  here .
Federated women across the country are holding 100th anniversary events to commemorate and celebrate the 19th Amendment. On Sunday, June 2, the Virginia Federation of Republican Women gathered at the Workhouse Prison Museum, where 16 women were imprisoned for two months after being arrested for picketing in front of President Woodrow Wilson's White House, demading the right to vote. Read more about the VFRRW event  here . Send information about your event to .
NFRW members showing support for the year long Womens' Sufferage Movement
Calendar of Upcoming Events

6/15/2019 Saturday Pybus Pybus DayTable
6/20/2019 Thursday Hilton Garden Inn 5-6:30pm members only
7/1/2019 Monday Red Lion Hotel CDRW Luncheon
7/11/2019 Thursday Martin Scott Winery 5:30 - 9pm Fundraiser
Remember Our Annual Fundraiser
Remember our Annual Fundraiser
July 11, 2019 at Martin Scott Winery
5:30pm - 9pm
Catered Buffet by "Two Chefs"
Live Music by Beau Van Winkle
Raffle & Auction
Cost: $55/person
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