Actionable insights from this week's COVID-19 Texas focused survey below.
In a time of economic uncertainty, job loss is top of mind, especially for Texans. Today, the U.S. saw a 30% rise in unemployment claims, so the fear is real.

As Texans worry about job loss, they will likely cut back on spending. This means brands that position themselves with a clear benefit will win. So, cooking brands are sharing recipes and tips/ tools to cook at home, insurance companies are helping consumers reassess their true needs, banks are offering low interest loans and the option to re-finance. Staying in step with consumer’s financial concerns is essential right now.
Interestingly, reports released this week show that both Baby Boomers and Millennials feel less concern with health consequences of COVID-19. A Harris poll on 2,000 adults published March 13 found 77% of adults over 65 and 67% of millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996) said they’re “unlikely” to catch the virus, which has infected at least 189,000 people around the globe.

Gen X’ers though – are very worried! The Sandwich Generation is in prime working years, has older parents to take care of and children to take care of! It appears that this generation is taking COVID-19 most seriously.

Brands must take a look at their target consumer segments and adjust messaging as necessary. Right now, messaging is dedicated to keeping Texans safe and healthy (of course!), but the angle or “way in” might need to change based on who your brand is talking to! For example, Baby Boomers may need to be reminded to put themselves first and protect themselves from Coronavirus. Millennials might need to be reminded that they are a powerful group that can help turn the tide on COVID-19.

Beyond health concerns, economic concerns are weighing heavily on Texan’s minds. Brands that can help consumers stay calm and focused on solutions will win. For example, banks and financial institutions that can offer advice, resources, tools and outlets for conversation can help alleviate some of these concerns.
We'll leave you with this. Given the unprecedented nature of this pandemic, most Texans appear to be fairly positive about the State government’s response to COVID-19

Partnerships between government and private/public business entities are being announced daily – from BioMed companies searching for medical cures for COVID-19, to hotels offering up space, to large retailers offering parking lots for drive through testing. Consumers expect coordinated efforts that do NOT focus on “what’s in it for my brand?” but clearly cut through to focus on “what’s best for our community, state and nation right now?”

Is now the time for a Moonshot Mindset – focused on transformation, innovation and disruption? Yes. Texans are expecting the government and private businesses to work together to defeat COVID-19.
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