How LeafGuard Gutters Are Installed
How LeafGuard Gutters Are Installed

How's your summer to-do list coming along? If you've been meaning to check off some home improvement projects this summer - like installing new LeafGuard gutters, now is the time! We make the installation process easy by custom-cutting the gutters at your home. Watch the video above to see our full installation process.

Keep your ice cream in a ZipLoc freezer bag to keep it soft! As the temperature gets hotter and hotter this summer, there's nothing like a big bowl of ice cream to cool off. There's also nothing more annoying than too hard or freezer burnt ice cream.

Problem solved! Pop the ice cream (still in the container) into a gallon sized freezer bag. It'll keep the ice cream soft making it easier to serve and also prevent those little ice crystals from forming. You can thank us later!

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