Mt. Tabor 3.29.22
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Happy Spring Albert,

I recently took part in a great Deep Dive Webinar. Please check it out to hear my latest thinking on email marketing and a little "how-to" guidance. I'm still a big proponent of building your list always. Here's a link to 60 Ways to Build Your List. This document is from 2014, and the ideas are still relevant today.

I also wanted to share 2 newsletters that just came my way. The first is from Nedra Rezinas who is a crackerjack in Portland on all things digital marketing - she sent out a newsletter yesterday all about video. It really got me thinking so I figured I'd share it with you.

The 2nd newsletter is about how the move to work from home might be impacting your own efforts to reach out.

Yesterday I heard from someone who attended one of my classes many years ago. He was curious if I'm still doing what I was then - helping small businesses and nonprofits with digital marketing. Yes, I am :) And it was such a joy to hear from someone who has been reading my newsletters over the years.

Take care and get in touch if you need a consult.


PS - I just got certified by Constant Contact for 2022-2023. It's been a good 14 years being partners with them.

PPS - That's Mt. Tabor in Portland, Oregon yesterday. The cherry trees are in blossom!

Deep Dive Webinar on Email Marketing for Small Businesses

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