The furry friends depicted in this sweet statue is a reminder that love knows no boundaries.

Let the harmonious feeling that is evoked by these cuddling critters guide you throughout each day and be an inspiration to spread peace and kindness. 

The Village Shoppes have everything you need to duplicate this beautiful place setting in your home for the upcoming spring season of family gatherings.

The stunning, marble-look tableware, the exquisite, colorful napkin, and the timeless, quilted placemat are all from C & F Enterprises. To complete the look, the  unique, wicker charger from Napa Home & Garden is a "must have".

Welcome spring with new table settings from The Village Shoppes!

Bunnies are a charming way to infuse your home's decor with spring enchantment!  

After the bitter weather we've endured during the cold, winter months, it's time to invite something sweet into your home that will warm your senses! These adorable bunnies are a reminder that spring is almost here and that all the wonderful things the season brings with it will be worth the wait! 

We have an a"bunny"dant selection of cute cottontails that will bring "hop"iness to your life!

These whimsical farm animal prints are just what that blank spot on your wall nee ds!

Comical, yet captivating, these eye-catching prints will provide enduring enjoyment by anyone who has an appreciation for unique art. They'll also  make an ideal, smile-generating gift for the animal lover in your life. 

Make your purchase soon before someone else decides to take them home! 
(Sold separately)

Accentuate any corner, entryway, 
or focal wall with these unique 
Teardrop Mirrors. 

These gunmetal mirrors are for the person who doesn't want to settle for ordinary and is looking for something to add a touch of surprise to their home's decor. 

If you love trend-setting, fashion-forward designs for your home, these mirrors are the perfect match for you!
Make them yours today!
(Sold separately)

It's baaaaack!!!


The Smell of Spring

Exact concentrations of specially-blended floral scents are united with distinctive, carefully selected botanicals in the creation of the long-lasting

"The Smell of Spring" decorative fragrance.

 Aromatique delivers an exceptional aromatic experience with "The Smell of Spring", giving you one more reason to look forward to the season!

Beginning when she was just a little girl of six- or seven-years-old, Jillian Mago's grandmother would bring her to The Village Shoppes and let her pick out a lighted village and accessory from our Department 56 selection. That sentimental reason is why she choose our line of lighted villages and accessories as her favorite.

Jillian's grandmother is gone now, but our Department 56 collection remains as a treasured reminder of the cherished moments the two spent together, carefully selecting the perfect additions to their collection.

Create special memories with your grandchildren while starting a new tradition with them when you visit Indiana's largest Department 56 retailer... The Village Shoppes.

Click on the image below to read what  Deanna Pietrzak, our Department 56 Collection Specialist, has to share about new releases, recent retirements, and exciting revelations within our expansive selection of  Department 56 products!
Follow Deanna on Snapchat at "villageshoppes" where you'll be among the first to hear about our Department 56 sales and promotions!

Hide-n-Seek with Bella!

, if you're the first person to come into our store and correctly identify where the image below is hidden in this  e-mail... 
 you'll be the winner of a $25 gift certificate from The Village Shoppes!  

*No need to print this newsletter. We'll have one ready and waiting for you! Sorry, , if you've been a contest winner within the last six months, you're not eligible to participate in this contest.

Whenever our valued customer, Lorna McCoole of Rolling Prairie, is looking for something unique to give as a gift (or to keep for herself), The Village Shoppes is her first stop!

Lorna is a long-time patron of The Village Shoppes and, each year when she's looking for special Christmas ornaments to give to her family, she puts her trust in our incredible selection!

Providing folks like Lorna with outstanding gift buying options every season of the year is a responsibility we will never take lightly and we're thankful for all of you who have put your confidence in us.

A skunk's defensive odor can be smelled a mile away!

On the bright side, that same offensive odor is one of the first signs of spring!!!


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Bella's Tale

With a little bit of luck, the worst of winter is behind us. While we're all truly hoping that is the case, let's take a moment to reflect upon (and giggle about) what we've endured these last few, grueling months.