November 2017

Holly's Story

"Holly," a 17-year-old trafficking victim, came into Gracehaven's care six months ago on an emergency placement. She was fresh off of the streets after being trafficked up to 30 times a day. Because of this, she had several medical issues including withdrawing from crack and several sexually transmitted infections. For the first few days Holly just sobbed in her bed. She was scared she wouldn't see her mother again because she was complicit in Holly's trafficking. And she was terrified at where she was, and who we were.  READ MORE

Volunteer Highlight - Chris Shumacher

Chris and his wife, Tara, became involved with the fight against human trafficking about nine years ago. They volunteer nationally and internationally for several different organizations. We are so grateful that Chris has made time to help our girls at Gracehaven. Chris has helped tutor our girls for the past several months which has helped them gain momentum in their school studies. He has also offered to help Gracehaven pay for monthly field trips for our girls. Chris is also working on re-decorating our school room to make it more contemporary and a more appealling work- study environment. We could not be more grateful for all the time and donations that Chris and Tara have given to Gracehaven.

At the House
The girls at house had a wonderful opportunity to serve the community. They spent nearly two hours packaging 1,512 meals to help feed people who don't know where their next meal will come from! It was a very fulfilling day. We are so proud of them! Thanks to  Lifeline  for giving us the opportunity to serve.

Two of the girls also attended YFC's Fall Weekend retreat. "Bree" has spent her entire life doing good things to get people to love her. She had no concept of grace. In conversations about God, she would say, "The Jesus you guys talk about sounds so much nicer than the Jesus I've heard of." At Fall Weekend, after hearing the teachings and having conversations with others about God and His Good News, she accepted Christ as her Savior. Since then she has learned about how much God loves her just because of who she is, not because of what she does. When she's asked what she learned at the retreat, she confidently says, "Jesus loves me because I am me!"

A Simple Yet Impactful Way to Help
Our number of community clients is growing each week and most of them struggle with food insecurity. Helping provide food for these girls is an integral part of our outreach. Gift cards are the most efficient and helpful way that we have found to offer this security. When our case managers are able to take a girl to the grocery store or spend some time with them at a restaurant, they are building a relationship that will only aid in the girl's recovery from their trauma. 

Are yo u looking for small group ideas or fundraising ideas? We are asking our friends and partners to join us in a gift card drive. Any amount - small or large - makes a huge difference in these girls' lives. Please contact us if you would like to help, have any further questions, or would like to know more about our community services. Thank you all for your continued support!

Phone: 614.302.9515           email:      

We're In Need of Mentors
Have you ever had a mentor? Or someone to offer encouragement and guidance for your life? Many of our Gracehaven girls are desperate for this type of relationship. Their lives are so chaotic they need help making a plan to help them be more stable and successful.

We have as many as 15 girls who have expressed interest in mentoring, but currently only have three matched with mentors. We ask that mentors commit to once a week for at least one year, and we offer training and plenty of support. CLICK HERE for more information. 

How You Can Help
PRAY  - Managing a house of teenage girls can be exciting as well as challenging. Please pray for the girls, and the staff, to create a healthy and positive living experience.

SHARE - Tell others about Gracehaven and the plight of these special young ladies. 

GIVE - We always need funds to help facilitate our many outreaches. Please consider a gift today to help victims of human trafficking.  CLICK HERE

DONATE - Here is a list of items needed at the Gracehaven house: Visa gift cards for staff to buy Christmas presents for the girls; foundation for caucasian girls; hair brushes; combs; hair ties.

VOLUNTEER - If you have a heart for the mission and want to use your talents to help, please contact us. CLICK HERE
SEE THE STORY - We hold one-hour presentations on our Social Impact outreach, of which Gracehaven is a part. If you'd like to learn more about Gracehaven through this presentation, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

The Big Give -- Thank You!

Total giving for YFC/Gracehaven = $365,343

We are humbled and very grateful to everyone who participated in this wonderful giving opportunity. Thank You! We look forward to how God will use these funds to advance the mission of fighting child sex trafficking.