Good morning, Hope!

I'm in awe of the way one good thing leads to another with God!

One good thing … with the launch of our 12 Books in 12 Months annual theme at Hope, we hoped for a strong start. But we didn’t anticipate it could be this strong! We saw record attendance at weekend services , Alpha (intro to Christianity), Bible studies , REVIVE (young adult service) and more! Even when the bad winter weather hit, most of you found a way to get to a service, and those who couldn’t joined us Sundays at 11:00 am via ( online numbers jumped way up).

Leads to another … last weekend, we invited everyone at Hope to make a contribution to the Souper Bowl Food Drive (click here for photos) , and my goodness you responded with tremendous generosity! Thousands of people donated massive amounts of food - more than ever before! The rest of the week, several hundred Hope volunteers (all ages) sorted and delivered the donations to 99 food pantries throughout central Iowa, and even a few locations beyond (from Mason City to Kansas City, Stuart to Iowa City)! Way to be the body of Christ, Hope … studying God’s Word leads us to serve our neighbors who are hungry in the dead of winter in ways they need, and at levels we’ve never seen before!

One good thing leads to another with God...

And another …  opportunities for you to continue to live out your faith abound at Hope. You or your Life Group, Men’s Group or Women’s Group can volunteer to serve with one of our many mission partners in Des Moines ( visit our local missions webpage for a list ). Or, you can take part in an upcoming 2019 Mission Trip   through Hope to Ghana Haiti Tijuana  and  many more destinations  throughout the year.
This weekend, we’ll dive back into that  one good thing  – the Word of God – as we gather together for another outstanding weekend of worship! We will preach (Jeremy on Sunday night, Richard in the Chapel, and yours truly at all the rest) on the beauty, coordination and function of the body of Christ ( 1 Corinthians 12 ).
Bring a Bible and anyone who lives with you or near you. It’s going to be good … because one good thing always leads to another with God!  
Mike Housholder
PS- We’re expecting around 2,000 dads and daughters for tonight’s Daddy Daughter Dance at Hope! Family relationships matter to God, and so they matter to us as a church. May God bless this big event, and may he use it to strengthen families in our community. 

Today's Daily Bible Reading:

Today's Daily Devotion:
Apostles plant & water seeds of faith; God causes #GROWTH. Christ is the foundation that will test all Christian labor. God’s Wisdom defeats worldly wisdom. We must become fools for Christ to be wise. #Seed #Water #GROW #WiseFool #1Cor #12BooksIn12Months

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When I started here in 1999, the internet wasn’t really a big deal. At our old building down the street we had one internet line coming in the building. I remember having to yell from my office, 'Going online!' so that everyone knew that they would not have access for a bit. I would go on AOL Instant messenger to chat with students or volunteers. Do you remember AOL? If you would have told me that almost 20 years later I would be serving as the Digital Outreach Minister for Hope I would have probably laughed at you. I mean, an Online Pastor? What does that even mean? ..."