Newsletter: April 2018

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Allergies, typically, but we'll worry about that in May. For now, let's enjoy a few outdoor activities in this perfect weather. This time of year may inspire you to work on your house, or maybe get out of it for a vacation. Either way, a Home Equity Line of Credit can help you out. Read on for details on how you could win a $250 gift card with your HELOC.

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Bring your Dreams into Focus

Your walls are decorated with photos from great events in your life. A Home Equity Line of Credit from MHFCU could allow you to make even more of those events- things that you may have considered out of reach. Remodel your home, send your child to college, take that dream trip you've thought about for ages. Putting the equity in your home to work for you is an affordable method of credit. Apply online or talk to us today to see if this is an appropriate credit opportunity for you. In the month of April, if you purchase or refinance* your HELOC with MHFCU, you'll be entered to win a $250 gift card.

*Refinanced loans must be from another financial institution. 

Track your Cash Flow in $potlight

Are you trying to save for something? Saving can be a challenge if you don't know where your money goes every month. You probably have a good idea, but when it comes to your finances, wouldn't fine-tuned accuracy be better? The cash flow feature in $potlight helps you track where your money comes from, and where it goes, giving you a detailed look at how you spend your money. More importantly- it gives you a better idea where to pare down so you can save a bit faster. Sign up for $potlight for free in FOCUS. 

Reduce Clutter with E-Statements

Sorting and deleting are much easier on the computer than with paper documents, so we recommend switching to E-Statements. Using our free E-Statements reduces the clutter you get in your mailbox, meaning one less thing to sort or shred. Our E-Statements notice arrives into your inbox, allowing you to decide what to do with it with a simple click of the mouse. Sign up in FOCUS.

Start Fresh with Square One

Traditionally, the releasing of the lanterns is a symbol of letting go of the past and looking forward to the future. If you've had problems with checking accounts before, our Square One Checking account can help you put that in the past, and help you move onto a stronger financial future.

Take the Path Less Murky

If you have questions or concerns that extend beyond a troubled checking account history, we offer GreenPath. Your guide to financial wellness, GreenPath offers assistance with a wide variety of financial topics- including debt management, student loans, and info to help you move toward purchasing a home. This is a free service you have at your disposal, we invite you to check it out and utilize it.

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