Newsletter: February 2018

The Welsh call February "y mis bach" which translates to little month. There will also be no full moon this month.  If you get to use either of those during trivia, you're welcome. As we enter February and begin to thaw out, our minds are already onto spring- longer days, nicer weather, allergic reactions to nature. But to sweeten the shortest month of the year, we're running an auto promotion that will invite you to be social with us for a chance at free money, read on below to learn how. And to those of you who are tired of your high interest rate credit cards, we've got something for you too.

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We are on a mission to serve our members with one goal in mind... "To always be responsive to our members' financial needs by providing personal and innovative services of a superior quality."
New Car. New Memories.

A new car is a chance for you to make all new memories in and with that vehicle. The first time you take it on a road trip, the first time you drop your kids off at school, even something as seemingly trivial as the first time you take it to get cleaned. There are countless memories you can make, and we want you to share them with us. If you get an auto loan with MHFCU from February 1 st - March 16 th , share the first time you do something meaningful in your new car with us on social media. Like our page and tag us in a photo on Facebook @Methodist Healthcare Federal Credit Union, or follow us on Twitter and post a picture using #MHFCUMemories. Three winners will be selected for cash prizes. Click on the banner below to learn more. 

Break Up with your High Interest Credit Card

If you put your holiday shopping on your credit cards, you may now be realizing how high your interest rate really is on the cards you have. Not only do our credit cards have lower interest rates than our competitors, but if you transfer your balance to a new credit card with MHFCU, you'll get 4% off your qualifying rate for the first 6 billing cycles. Click here to see how our card stacks up to a few other popular cards. 

Stand up to Fraud

Protect that shiny new credit card with CardValet. CardValet allows you to secure your card with a variety of options- Turn your card on/off from your phone, set a geographic spending area your card can't be used outside of, spending limits, and more. It's an excellent tool to keep your card safe. Did we mention it's free? Get it on the App Store or Google Play. 

The Easier Way- Bill Pay

Do you hate being in the middle of something and realizing you forgot to do something important? Like, paying a bill? So do we. Bill Pay helps alleviate those worries, and we offer it to you for free in FOCUS. Sign up today and stop wondering "Did I pay utilities?" halfway through a backflip.  

MHFCU's 58th Annual Meeting

Tickets are still available for this year's Annual Meeting, taking place Thursday, February 15 th. Grab tickets at your nearest branch and join us for an evening of door prizes, giveaways, and free dinner. 

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