Newsletter: July 2018

July may very well be one of the tastiest months of the year- it's national blueberry, ice cream, and hot dog month. Please, do  not combine the three. We hope you all have a fun and safe Independence Day; we will be closed on Wednesday the 4 th

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We are on a mission to serve our members with one goal in mind... "To always be responsive to our members' financial needs by providing personal and innovative services of a superior quality."
Stop Getting Burned by Free Checking.

Have you had to jump through hoops (fiery or otherwise) in order to keep free checking free? We don't think that's right. Our Free Checking is as easy as it should be. No minimum balances and no maintenance fees. You get a free Visa debit card and 50 free checks. Don't make free checking harder on yourself than it needs to be- open a Free Checking account with MHFCU and experience the difference. 

Track your Accounts From One Location.

If you have multiple bank accounts from different institutions, could you benefit from seeing all your account activity in one location? If so, check out our $potlight feature in FOCUS- you can bring in as many of your accounts as you like into one screen, saving you from having to log into multiple bank sites to track your finances. It's all right there in front of you; convenience at its finest. Sync your finances and simplify your life today.

Get your Christmas Savings on.

Ok it's not really Christmas in July, it's more like "Start saving for Christmas in July". Not as catchy, but more effective. Make those contributions to your Christmas Club accounts now and when Christmas rolls around, you'll have your expenses covered. If you don't have a Christmas Club account, we won't give you coal. Just a friendly recommendation to open one and get a leg up on the holiday season.

E-Statements: Your papercut free solution.

Fact: You are 100% more likely to get a papercut when handling paper than when not. Paper statements can lead to papercuts, which can lead to general discomfort, which can lead get the picture. Avoid the possibility of papercuts by switching to E-Statements. It's free, it's easy, and you'll save a small fortune on Band-Aids. Make the switch in FOCUS.

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