A Sweet Treat for Everyone on Your List!

Does your sweetie have a sweet tooth?
Could your coworkers use a dose of Christmas spirit?
Does your teacher have enough candles and lotions?
Would your clients care for a cookie?

Then we've got you covered!

Our Hospitality Committee is raising funds to redecorate Adwon Hall. Place your order now, then pick up at Coffee Hour on December 8th or 15th.

Choose from three gourmet, homemade options:

🎁 Regular Cookie Box - $15
Cherry cookies, Russian walnut cookies, Italian ricotta cookies, spiced nuts and gingerbread man cookies

🎁 Vegan Cookie Box - $20
Chocolate chip cookies, thin mints, cinnamon churro popcorn and chocolate almond bark

🎁 Gluten-free Cookie Box - $20
Pumpkin cookies, thin mints, coconut macaroons, spiced nuts and cinnamon churro popcorn

Cash, checks or Paypal are accepted.

A big thanks to Sara Gae Waters for our photography!
Dust off your cookbook,
pull the crockpot out of storage,
and show us what you got!

Coffee Hour this Sunday is Potluck.
Look in our bookstore for Christmas cards, ornaments and more....
Upcoming Events

No weekday services or classes this week.

TODAY, Nov. 27, 5-7pm | Bourbon Apple Pie pickup at Holy Ascension

Saturday, Nov. 30, 5pm | Great Vespers followed by Sacrament of Confession

Sunday, Dec. 1, 8:45am, 10am | Orthros & Divine Liturgy
(but no Sunday School this week)
Benevolence Fund: Help Our Parishioners and Neighbors
During this Holiday Season, please consider making a special gift to our Benevolence Fund. Contributions enable us to help parishioners and members of the community who have an urgent financial need.

Right now, there are two families in the church with needs. We are also anticipating requests from some non-parishioners during the Christmas season. We would like to raise about $2000 to prepare for these needs, if possible, but every little bit helps.

Contributions can be placed in the "Benevolence Box" in the Narthex, or checks (earmarked "Benevolence") can be mailed to Holy Ascension, 3350 12th Ave NE, Norman, OK 73071. Thank you for your generous consideration!
Holiday Food-Pantry Drive
Our food pantry is small and modestly used, but if we are given more opportunities to give, let’s always be prepared to give our best. We will be doing smaller food drives every quarter, and will try to take a look at what we can do to make it better and more desirable for those in need and to better manage spoilage. During the remainder of November, please consider donating items that (a) have distant expiry dates and (b) are easy to prepare and consume. “Full meal items” (like canned pasta or chili) seem to be preferred. We will also be accepting gift cards/debit cards of $20 to highly available food resellers like Walmart or Crest.

We need to coordinate to ensure we reduce spoilage and buy items people want to take. Please talk to Austin Valentine about what you plan to bring or for what hasn’t been offered yet. You can reach him at austin.a.valentine@gmail.com or 405-664-4011. Thank you.
St Nicholas Festival—
Save the Date!
Join us on Thursday, December 5, for our annual St Nicholas Vespers and Festival. Great Vespers will start at 5:30pm, and the festival will follow, about 6:15ish. Kids can wear their Christmas pajamas and come for a potluck dinner, fun crafts, the St Nicholas story and fellowship.
The Nativity Fast
The Nativity Fast continues through December 24. During this Fasting Season, it is traditional to abstain from meat, dairy, fish and alcohol, with the following exceptions: fish and moderate alcohol are allowed on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays (until December 20). 

On Thanksgiving Day (November 28), all kinds of food and drink may be consumed with gratitude toward God.
Looking Back
Last Sunday we discusse d “Balaam” (Numbers 22-24;  Children's Bible Reader pgs. 164-169). Here are some ideas for review and application:
  1. Hmmm…. Donkeys and angels with flaming swords! Look for angels as you pass through the week; they’re everywhere!
  2. visit a petting zoo or a local farm that has a donkey or play “donkey stop!” yell donkey stop each time you see a stop sign or a red light while you’re in the car.
⤿ Looking Forward
No Sunday School December 1 (Sunday after Thanksgiving)