Two-Minute Stewardship
Check out this week's video from Parish Council Secretary Tom Patten, highlighting "Where the Money Goes."

You can access our 2021 Stewardship packet HERE. Please prayerfully consider increasing your giving, if you can, so that we can keep up with our monthly budget.

Please fill out your membership forms ASAP (see below). Thanks!
Upcoming Services and Events

Saturday, February 20
9am • Divine Liturgy (signup required)
11am • In-Person Church School
5pm • Great Vespers (open to the public)

Sunday, February 21
8:45am • Orthros (signup required)
10am • Divine Liturgy (signup required)

Monday, February 22
7pm • Ladies Bible Study on Zoom

Tuesday, February 23
8pm • OCF (at the Church)

Wednesday, February 24
6pm • Paraklesis to the Theotokos (open to the public)

Visitors and Non-parishioners: If you would like to sign up to attend services, please email Fr Jeremy (reply to this email or click here).

For those who prefer to read services at home, the Sunday Typika Service (in lieu of watching Liturgy on Livestream) can be found here:
In-Person Church School—Starting This Saturday: Feb 20
In order to better provide for our kids' spiritual formation, limited in-person Church School will start this Saturday, February 20 (God willing). It will meet at 11am every Saturday, and will be limited to children up to Fifth Grade.

The following policies will be strictly enforced, for the safety of our kids and their families:

  • Masks will be mandatory for all adults and children (all ages).
  • Only teachers and students will be permitted inside the building during classes.
  • Physical distancing and hand sanitizing will be practiced as much as possible.
  • Two teachers will be required in each class.

Thank you to Church-School Director Brandon Jones and all our Christian Education team for their flexibility and creativity throughout the pandemic! Thanks also to our parents, who have taken on the spiritual education of their children along with extra responsibilities in their secular education. By God's grace, we hope to move past this time of restrictions soon and resume normal Sunday School in the fall. Until then, we appreciate everyone's flexibility, perseverance, and support.
January Update
Our January giving was 88% of our monthly goal of $14,000. We were $1500 short—which sounds like a lot of money. But if each of us would increase our monthly gift by 12%, or if six new families started giving $250 per month, we'd be there!

Please consider how you can help us reach our goal and take a minute to complete your MEMBERSHIP FORMS now:

If you prefer, you can print and turn in the paper forms:

“Miracles and Healings”
Read the story in the Children's Bible Reader, page 188–89, 213, 221–22. Scripture reference: Mark 1:30-31; 3:1-5; 5:22-24, 35-43; 7:32-37; 8:22-26; 9:17-29; 10:46-52. Luke 7:2-10; 13:11-13; 17:12-19; 22:50-51. John 4:46-53; 9:6-9, 24-25.

  1. Students should be able to tell the story of at least one healing of Jesus. 
  2. Students should know the word “miracle” and what it means. 
  3. Students should know that we access the healing power of Jesus through the Sacrament of Holy Unction. 

Upcoming Birthdays
Sophia Powers - 2/19
Symeon Wilson - 2/20
Atticus Webb - 2/26