Our Parish Council was installed at Divine Liturgy last Sunday. The members for this year are as follows (with the the duration of their terms on the council):

  • Chair, Katy Powers (through 2023)
  • Vice-Chair, Ashley Charette (through 2023)
  • Treasurer, Greg Waters (through 2022)
  • Secretary, Tom Patten (through 2022)
  • Devin Siegmann (through 2021)
  • Lukas Wilson (through 2021)

(Officers are elected by the Council each year.)

Please feel free to contact any of them (or Fr Jeremy) with any suggestions or concerns regarding our parish life.
Church School
Many thanks to those who completed the survey about in-person Church School. The Parish Council has approved the plan, with these requirements:

  • Masks will be mandatory for all adults and children (all ages) at Church School.
  • Only teachers and students will be permitted inside during classes.
  • Physical distancing and hand sanitizing will be practiced as much as possible.
  • Additionally, two teachers will be required in each class, which is a professional best-practice to ensure child safety.

We are currently working out the details and will update you when we are ready to roll it out. Many thanks to our Church School teachers for all the work and creativity they have invested in our kids, especially since the pandemic began!
Upcoming Services and Events

Wednesday, January 13
6pm Paraklesis to the Theotokos (open to the public)
If you would like to add names to the prayer list, let Fr Jeremy know by replying to this email.

Saturday, January 16
9am Divine Liturgy (signup required)
5pm Great Vespers (open to the public)

Sunday, January 17
8:45am Orthros (signup required)
10am Divine Liturgy (signup required)

Visitors and Non-parishioners: If you would like to sign up to attend services, please email Fr Jeremy (reply to this email or click here).

For those who prefer to read services at home, the Sunday Typika Service (in lieu of watching Liturgy on Livestream) can be found here:
Home Blessings
The season of home blessings usually commences with the feast of Theophany, January 6. However, in light of the increasing severity of the pandemic, it would be unwise for Fr Jeremy to visit so many homes at this time. Therefore, with the blessing of Metropolitan JOSEPH, we will postpone home blessings until later in the year, after vaccines are widely distributed and the pandemic subsides.
“Parable of the Sower”
Scripture reference: Mark 4:1–20 and Luke 8:5–15. (This story is not in the Children's Bible Reader.)

  1. Children should be able to tell the story of the parable in their own words.
  2. Children should know the word parable and be able to say that it is a story with a hidden meaning.
  3. Children should know the “hidden meaning” of the seeds and the sower. 

Upcoming Birthdays
Sorry, I missed a few earlier this week:
Joseph Hamoush - 1/10
Susan Byers - 1/12
Anne Schommer - 1/12
Austin Valentine - 1/15
Iryna Porokhonko - 1/19
Sarah Bishop - 1/22