Culver City Families,

We have never been more proud of our students.

Culver Unified is, and must always be, a haven of diversity and opportunity for young people of all walks, talks, ages and aspirations – regardless of how you look, what your parents do for a living, or which language you speak.

This election has not changed our values.  And just as we have long set an example for other school districts to follow, we will continue to defend and preserve our students' safety and speech to no end.

Post-election, we have engaged and supported our students and staff in a number of forums meant to encourage civic discourse, as well as provided additional counseling services to those experiencing anxiety or who have questions about the future.  

There are great things going on in our classrooms, schools, city, state, and country.  Continuing this progress, and instilling hope for tomorrow, is essential for our kids to be successful.

--- Dr. Arnold
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Teaching & Learning Abound                                                       Across every Culver City School, teachers are focusing on core academic instruction full of rigor and meaning for all.

Mobile TAP Card Machine Event @ CCHS At Lunch                  Culver City Bus will be at the high school with a mobile Transit Access Pass Machine for students to get TAP cards from.

Career Day @ Culver City Middle School                               Parents and partners from all over Culver City Unified will be sharing career experience and perspective with Middle Schoolers.

33rd District PTA "Presidents and Administrators Conference" Along with their Principal, PTA Presidents come together for a yearly summit on partnership and leadership in schools.

AVPA Dance Performs This Weekend @ CCHS (Sat. & Sun.)     Performed in and amongst the backdrop of Culver City High, get your tickets for this weekend's show by clicking HERE.

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Civic Engagement Starts Early In  Culver City Schools.  Just Check Out These Campaign Promises From Pre-Schoolers   At The Office Of Child Development.
Culver City High Students Participate In Mock Election
Lead and organized by Dr. Carlos Valverde and the phenomenal team of ASB leaders at Culver City High School, Tuesday's mock election was a real simulation of the American voting process for all Centaurs.  From check-in, to private voting booths, to exit surveys, etc. CCHS made it feel like students were actually at the polls.
Presidential Candidates At
La Ballona Give Final Speeches
If you  click the picture above , you'll be taken to a video of Culver City's last two points to win a CIF Championship this Friday.  Specifically, you'll note the team's focus, communication, skill level, and commitment.  It's no surprise these ladies now have a CIF Championship Ring to add to their collection; and they'll be looking for more jewelry in the weeks ahead as State Playoffs starts Wednesday.  Coached by Tanner Siegal, this year's Lady Centaur Volleyball Team will go down as one of the best to ever do it at Culver City High School.  They've proven, once again, nothing can stop #CULVERPRIDE.
Undokai @ El Marino
"Japanese Sports Day," or Undokai, consists of staged events in which children participate in a c ompetition against each other.   Games that are played can be wide and varied, and include sprints, egg races, wheelbarrow races, and more.  At El Marino Language School, it's one of the biggest and most fun events of the year!
Prime Time Games Magic
The Prime Time Games creates full-inclusion teams by pairing athletes and exceptional students together to create a competitive sports league.  These blended teams give students a tremendous opportunity to participate in mainstream high school sports experiences and includes Varsity programs at schools such as  Fairfax, Hamilton, Dorsey, Los Angeles High, and Culver City High School.
See the gentleman in the long-sleeved red shirt taking his hat on and off?  That's Rance Randall and he's a Culver City Grad, Class Of 2003.  He's important to the moving picture you see above because his 15+ year relationship with Ms. Hatanaka allowed for 7th period AVPA students to not only visit Chiat Day (Los Angeles' largest Advertising Firm) for the day, but to be involved in a 5-week Commercial Art Project that culminated in our Centaurs giving professional pitches to real-life Advertising Execs.  The experience was utterly extraordinary, and simply wouldn't have been possible without Rance's relationship with Ms. Hatanaka.  The impact of a good teacher never fades away...
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