L A K E   W O R T H   D R A I N A G E   D I S T R I C T
Stormwater management in your community  
                                                                                                          April 2018
Understanding The Reasons For Canal Rehabilitation 

Canal rehabilitation projects often involve the use of heavy equipment thus creating a dusty and noisy environment. Lasting from a few days to several months, projects that take place adjacent to homes may cause concerns and anxiety for residents. Understanding the purpose of canal rehabilitation and what to expect can help address these issues. Watch our video to learn more.
LWDD's Role In Water Conservation

LWDD manages a large network of canals for the purpose of flood control. But, did you know that LWDD also plays an important role in water conservation by protecting existing supplies.  
Got Maps? 

GIS data and various maps are available to the public on our online Mapping Portal at www.lwdd.net. On the portal you will find maps and information on LWDD's boundaries, canals, water control structures, permits and maintenance activities. If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us at 561-498-5363 or email info@lwdd.net.
Do I Need An LWDD Permit? 

Property owners who desire to connect to LWDD drainage canals, place structures in or over, or make use of canal rights-of-way must submit an application for a permit. Staff will review individual applications to ensure projects meet the criteria set forth in the District's Operating Policies and do not interfere with District access, operations or maintenance activities. Some permit applications may require approval by the District's Board of Supervisors. Contact us 
with your permitting questions or if you are unsure as to whether a permit is required for your project.
561-498-5363info@lwdd.net | www.lwdd.net