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Merry Christmas to you and yours

Do you anticipate more the receiving gifts or giving gifts? 

Receiving a gift is exciting and humbling. To think that someone cares enough about you to express their feelings of love and care by giving you a gift of some value is always appreciated. 

I suspect that most YMCA Alumni are at the stage in life that giving a gift to someone or some cause means much more to their self-worth and happiness than actually receiving one.

God's gift of Jesus to us is the greatest gift of love ever. Share your gift of love by giving and you will be rewarded with His love.

To all members of the Hoosier-Buell YMCA family:
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Dan, Terry, Lou & Don
Dan Sager, Terry Jones, Lou Drexler, Don Stetson
Chapter Officers
When will we be able to meet again? How about February?

The pandemic has altered lives in many ways as we try to remain safe from COVID 19. Our chapter has cancelled two meetings this past year at the Blue Gate Theater in Shipshewana due to COVID 19.

Many other chapters have held virtual meetings using Zoom video. Your Hoosier- Buell officers are planning a virtual meeting for February. The main item on the agenda will be a discussion about the impact of the pandemic on local YMCAs. We also will have time for sharing personal updates and other topics.

We recognize some of you may not have connected by Zoom yet. We’ll provide clear instructions on how to join in via our next newsletter. Don’t worry. It’s easy, even for us "old fogeys.” Rest assured you can Zoom.
Welcome new members
Please reach out and welcome these new members to our group. We don't want to wait to greet them at our next gathering.  

James Moore: YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, Member Services Supervisor

Earl Townsend: 4203 ST, Andrews Circle, Apt 18 1B, South Bend, IN 46637

Dan Wheeler: 2052 N. Alabama St. Indianapolis, IN 46202   
The latest report from our Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF) indicated that YMCA Alumni members have donated more than $49,000 with additional funds given by Y active members and several Corporate YMCAs, plus interest and dividends from the EAF Trust Fund.
This has enabled EAF to grant awards to 44 individuals in need of financial assistance to receive $157,761 as of September. One of the latest grants was awarded to a YMCA Alumni couple to assist them in helping finance a handicapped accessible van for their disabled son so he could safely be transported to regular doctor visits and attend needed social events.

Also note that due to the number of applications this year the amount of grants awarded have been reduced to provide benefits to more individuals. 

A reminder that a benefit of the National YMCA Alumni membership enables you to have access to EAF if you find yourself facing an unexpected financial crisis due to no fault of your own.

If you have not made a donation to EAF yet this year, we hope you consider a gift that could provide assistance to a Y colleague in need. Send checks directly to EAF @ YMCA of the USA, Financial Dev. Division 16th floor, 101 N Upper Wacker Drive, Chicago IL. 60606. Be sure to indicate Hoosier-Buell Chapter on the check. Or, even easier, just click the button below to securely donate.
Jesus is the reason...
In Bethlehem, God gave to us
The source of Christmas joy;
A star shone on a miracle:
The virgin birth of a boy
He was born both God and man,
A savior for us all,
The way to get to our heavenly home,
If we just heeded his call.
So as we shop and spend and wrap
And enjoy the Christmas season,
Let’s keep in mind the sacred truth;
Jesus is the reason.
 --Joanna Fuchs,
Hoosier-Buell Chapter Leaders

Co-Presidents: Dan SagerTerry Jones
Vice President: Lou Drexler
Treasurer: Don Stetson

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The mission of YMCA Alumni is "to enable members to promote a nurturing worldwide Christian Fellowship that provides educational, social, service and charitable opportunities."