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For manufacturers who rely on automated production equipment and machines, they know that servo motors are one of the first components to break down.

Servo motors are an essential component, used in the production of everything from home electronics to cars and even airplanes. They often work in intense heat environments making them susceptible to overheating and contamination. As many manufacturers will know, this either means the performance of the motors is adversely affected, or the servo stops working altogether!

When a servo motor breaks down, it can put a manufacturing operation off-line for weeks while you wait for a repair or replacement. Holding out for a replacement servo can often be a long-drawn out process. TigerTek can help!  Contact us for the most efficient, reliable and economical solution today!

A failed servo motor is never a good thing. Aside from the expenses of halting production and the costly downtime of finding the right solution, there's another important question to ask: Should I repair a failed servo or simply buy another motor? The correct answer to this question can mean the difference between a lengthy and expensive situation and a prompt return to production.  For confidence in making the best decision, send us your servo motor for evaluation. 
From The Toronto EASA Conference

We had an excellent turnout for the 2016 EASA Convention in Toronto, Canada.  It was a delight to chat with many of our existing clients and to make some new friends - we thank them all for coming to see us!  (L to R:  Peter Mitchell, Linda Raynes, Thad Rodgers) 
Trouble Finding Encoders?
We Have Parts - Including Renco!
 The Best in Servo Motor Repair! 
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We have an expansive inventory of Renco Encoders. Our factory-trained servo repair specialists draw from our massive inventory of OEM parts & in-house testing equipment to ensure industry-leading turnaround time and the highest quality repair.

After being returned to factory specifications, your motor is run-tested before being returned with a detailed failure report and a 12 month warranty.

To check our current inventory or to speak to one of our repair specialists, call 877.623.1717! 

Servo Motor Feedback
Absolute & Incremental Encoders
Our Parts Inventory Allows Us
To Be Timely & Efficient!

Incremental Optical Encoders
Incremental optical encoders are slotted discs that interrupt the light beam between the photoemitter-detector pair on an alternate basis thereby creating pulses of light. The pulses are then counted to provide a position. There are some incremental optical encoder modules that provide a marker pulse once per revolution which can be used to mark a Zero reference point. A secondary LED photoemitter-detector pair will provide the direction of rotation while shaft speed is indicated by the pulse rate. The most commonly known pulse configuration is quadrature encoder which generates two square wave pulses 90 degrees apart.

Absolute Optical Encoders
Absolute optical encoders provide and record the unique values of each shaft position. This is especially important in the event of a power failure after which time machine operation will continue from the point where it stopped. Gray and binary codes are the most common types of numerical encoding used in absolute optical encoders.

Incremental Optical Encoders vs. Absolute Optical Encoders
Digital optical encoders have both linear and rotary configurations, but the most common type is rotary (both incremental optical encoders and absolute optical encoders are rotary configurations). Most rotary encoders are made of glass or plastic with photographically etched tracks similar to those on a compact disc. In servomotor applications, encoders act as a feedback device that ensures proper equipment operation. The incremental rotary encoder is the most commonly used due to its low cost and ability to provide signals that can be easily interpreted by a microprocessor or microcontroller to provide motion related information. However, incremental rotary encoders are more susceptible to electrical noise. Although absolute optical encoders cost more, the start-from-the-stopping-point feature in the event of a power outage may be worth the added expense depending upon the application.
Kind Words
I wanted to thank you and the TigerTek team for all your efforts this past week-end. The quick response and "round-the-clock" efforts were very much appreciated and proved yet again that TigerTek can be counted on in an emergency. Please extend my sincere appreciation to all involved. You guys do a Great Job!
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