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At Accomplish Quilting we offer longarm quilting supplies, longarm repairs, longarm machine service, longarm machine rental, longarm quilting classes and longarm technical support. 
Letter from the Top Jeff Benedict, Owner
Dear Innovators and friends,

Part of our service commitment to each of you is to publish a monthly newsletter with information aimed at growing your enthusiasm for longarm quilting. We hope that it also provides you with some insight into how strongly we feel about that commitment. We believe that our service commitment has just as much to do with your success in this endeavor as the brand of machine that you decide to purchase. We sell new Innova machines and believe that they’re the best machine. We’ve also made a lot of you happy with other brands of used machines. So, what are some of the service commitments that have made us a leading dealer of longarm machines?

  1. Installation service that ensures your machine works as expected.
  2. Part of making sure it’s right is making sure you’re trained properly. We provide opportunities for training before installation, at installation, after installation and then even ongoing training opportunities. For the computerized Innova models we offer remote online training. We’ve even been shooting and sharing YouTube videos. Now is that a commitment to training you?   
  3. How about repair service? At the first level we provide troubleshooting and expert advice that with your assistance will solve most of the problems you’ll encounter in minutes. Our team members keep their phones on and stay ready to help you morning through evening 7-days per week. If you’re an Innova owner, you can add to it that you’ll have factory technical support available to you too 24/7/365. Who can beat any of that? Oh yes, we do. We schedule in shop repairs and as a convenience to you offer in home repair service too. Care to substantiate that claim? Follow us on Facebook or visit our website and you’ll see that our service technicians do really spend time out there repairing machines for people just like you. Oh, and I haven’t mentioned spare parts? We keep a load of them in stock and ready just in case your machine’s the one that needs something.
  4. Have an INNOVA model that you would like to try? We have the one you want on display and ready in each of our stores. We can’t imagine how we could have only one or even just two Innova machines on display and still ask you to take us seriously. That’s why each of our stores has models equipped with the Lightning and standard stitch regulation, Pantovision, Navigator, Auto Pilot, the Innova Sitdown model and loads of convenient optional accessories. We feel service commitment means helping you see and buy the machine that is truly right for you.
  5. Have a machine to trade in? As a convenience to you, we’ll make you a solid offer for it in trade toward a new or better used machine. We understand that lots of our customers do not want to market their used machine, bring strangers into their home or wait for their machine to sell. We will not try to convince you to sell it yourself because that’s not really being committed to service is it?
  6. Thinking about starting a machine quilting business? We can offer you business plans, share our expertise and offer solid guidance on where to find information and answers about the IRS Section 179 Deduction, Sales Taxes, business registration and in how to solicit customers for your services. We really want to help you see a clear path to success in the machine quilting industry.
  7. How about financing? We offer several solutions and the expertise to help you find the one that best fits your needs.
  8. Once you have a machine you’ll be needing longarm quilting supplies. We have lots of them in each of our stores and online. All these supplies are time tested quality products to be sure and at great prices.

As you can see, we believe our commitment to service is industry leading. We find that people from near and far who want the best opportunity for themselves to become successful in longarm quilting are reaching out to us to be their longarm dealer. Call or email to us to verify that we are right for you. We hope you will.

Best regards,

Jeff Benedict
Accomplish Quilting, Inc.
Customer Service is what we are known for.
In Michigan:
810 Napier Ave St. Joseph, MI 49085
Phone: 269-556-2552
Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm; Sat by appt.
In Tennessee:
855 Springfield Hwy, Suite 109
Goodlettsville, TN 37072
Phone: 615-756-9556
​Hours: Tues - Fri 9am - 5pm; Sat 9am-2pm, Mon by appt.

In Indianapolis:  
1746 East 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: 317-478-1422
Hours: Tues- Sat; 10am-5pm  
N ew INNOVA Longarm Machine Sale
INNOVA Longarm Quilting Machine Accessories Sale!
Happy Mother's Day Special!


This month add some of those long sought-after accessories that you have longed for!

$2,000 credit towards a HUGE line-up of accessories ! Don't miss this sale!
Offer Expires May 31st

Indianapolis: 317-478-1422
Nashville, TN 615-756-9556
Michigan: 866-556-2552
 FREE Shipping!
* read below

SALE ends May 31st
2001 Gammill Optimum Statler Stitcher

2014 Nolting Pro Series 24

A-1 (23-9) Elite Platinum Stitch Regulator
$10,999 PRICE JUST REDUCED TO $9,999

2007 APQS Millenium 24

2001 Gammill Classic 26-10 Intellistitch Turbo

1996 Gammill Optimum 30-12 $6,999

Voyager 17

Juki Sitdown

Babylock Tiara sitdown with stitch regulation

Ken Quilt KQ633

*The shipping process may include additional service charges dependent upon make, model, destination, mode of transportation or additional preferred services that you request.  
URGENT! Is your surge protector doing the job to protect your machine and your investment in your machine? You will want to read the article below!
Can you imagine spending $16,000 to $40,000 on your longarm quilting machine and then lose it in an electrical storm or electrical fire?

We arrive in people's homes every single day only to find that they have purchased a surge protector from their local home improvement store and they plan to install an expensive machine and depend upon that device to protect it and them.

Read the article below that Mark, an experienced AQ tech wrote. Mark is our computer and electronics guru for all of Accomplish Quilting's machines on display and computers that we use for our business.
Mark wrote:

Many customers will ask “how do I know I have a good surge protector”?

Surge protectors and power strips are NOT the same, power strips are generally no better than plugging into a power outlet and if they offer any protection at all it is very minimum.

Surge protectors are rated on a scale of how many “joules” they offer, once these joules are exhausted the surge protector is no longer protecting the plugged-in devices.

The surge protector that we offer at A/Q has 1080 joules which is above what many industry standards call for.

How would someone know if a surge protector is still protecting your equipment? Many surge protectors will come with a light that illuminates when protecting. Our surge protector offers not only a light to show it is working BUT also offers an audible alarm when a lapse in protection is observed. A rating of 50,000 amps spike protection is typically what a whole house would need, our surge protector offers a maximum of 72,000 amps spike protection.

Some protectors will have a lag before protection actually takes affect which will subject your equipment to harmful current. Our surge protector offers < 1 ns (nano-second) response time which is considered the industry standard to look for.

The surge protector we sell also offers a 360º rotating flat plug to position the plug at any angle you desire in outlet. Our surge protector will use a thermal fuse to shut off your system in the event of a fire or an extreme or long- term surge or over voltage instance.

If you are interested in purchasing the protector that we have in stock please click on the picture below and order the protector that will protect your investment.

Price: $49.99
AUG 3-4, 2018 
Acclaimed Free-Motion Specialist
JUNE 22-23, 2018     
Acclaimed AutoPilot Mach 3 Expert
AUTOPILOT ACADEMY with Susan Smith will be here soon!
Would you like to master your skills on the use of your Innova AutoPilot with Grand Format Embroidery and Path Apply? Susan Smith is a experienced computerized machine quilting teacher and a master of AutoPilot and GFE. She will teach you in a way that you will be able to master your own quilting and how you think about the powerful AutoPilot custom quilting tools. Susan will share her mastery of the AutoPilot software and help take you to the next level of quilting and you will connect with other AutoPilot users!

Don't miss this exciting class! Call the store today to reserve your spot! 866-556-2552
Product of the Month: Books and DVD's
Learn a new technique, find a new stitching pattern, learn basics and styles! We have a great selection of books and DVDs available on our website. Click Here

10% off
Did you know that we have LOTS of new videos on our INNOVA MACHINES page? Are you considering the purchase of a new machine and would like to know the differences between the machines?


You get to share the customer experience of someone who is looking to purchase a longarm. Julie Lillo explains all the features and benefits of the Innova Longarms.

To see our Innova Machines in action: CLICK HERE
Rick and Ruth Grihalva are becoming masters with Grand Format Embroidery and Path Apply!

Rick and Ruth are sub-dealers of Accomplish Quilting and represent us in the Ohio area. They have a store there and not one but TWO INNOVA AutoPilots!

You must check out the page on our website and learn of all the things that Rick has written about and even patterns that he has created or formatted for Grand Format. These patterns are available SOON for you to purchase in the very near future on the Accomplish Quilting website.

As Rick and Ruth develop more patterns, we will be listing them and announcing them to you and they will be available to you on our website.

Do you need a custom design created? Rick will be able to fulfill those needs. His contact info will be sent to you so that you can work with him on the desigi.

So check out all that is so very new and exciting!
The Michigan Report

Sue Heinz's Sashing that Sizzles
In Michigan we are celebrating spring and would love to have you visit us now that the snow is gone! Attend a class, come buy supplies or stop in to test drive many brands of longarms before you buy your new or used quilting machine. We have two-day workshops planned for both hand-guided quilters and computerized quilters coming up soon! Summertime is a great time to plan a trip to St. Joseph.

June 22-23 AutoPilot Academy- a two day workshop about all you can do with Mach3. Anyone who wants to do more with their AutoPilot will enjoy Susan Smith's presentations on custom quilting, new drawing tools, tagging patterns and utilizing Grand Format Embroidery. Students are highly encouraged to bring simulator software loaded on a laptop.

Susan Smith's ability to teach computerized quilting has been called the platinum standard of longarm training! Call to sign up for this two day AutoPilot Academy! We want to see you on June 22-22 at the Michigan store!

SUE HEINZ CLASS: If you need some new creative techniques, now is the time to sign up for two days of classes with Sue Heinz! She'll be here August 3-4. Follow the link for class description. Space is limited, so call soon!

Other Upcoming Events and Classes
(Please call the store at 866-556-2552 to sign up.)

May 12 New Owner Training (9 AM-3 PM)
May 18-19 Intermediate Hand-guided Training (9 AM-4 PM)
May 24 License to Longarm (1 PM-3 PM)
June 2 New Owner Training (9 AM-3 PM)
June 7 License to Longarm (1 PM-4 PM)
June 9 QuiltIN - a FREE event for longarmers to gather (1 PM- 3 PM)
June 15-16 AutoPilot Intermediate Training (9 AM-4 PM)
June 22-23 AutoPilot Academy with Susan Smith (9 AM-4 PM)
August 3-4 Sue Heinz (9 AM-4 PM)
The Indiana Report
Quilter of the Month: Linda Lupton
Stop into the Indy store to get A SWEET DEAL and test-drive an Innova today!
Our Quilter of the month is Linda Lupton. She has been sewing since grade school.  She made her first quilt with the help of her grandmother-in-law, Emma Lupton, in the late 1970’s.  It was a king size folded star and must have weighed 20 lbs.  

Linda has been longarm quilting for over 12 years.  She is inspired by her quilting peeps, quilt shows, and humor. Her quilt “Gardening, I’d rather be quilting.” Is hanging in the store and it is a hoot.  She loves to miniaturize full-size quilts.  Oddly, the math is her favorite part.   Linda says, “The worst part of longarm quilting is staring at a quilt when you don’t know what to do with it and the best part is after you begin and it is going well.   

Thank you so much Linda for sharing your story with us.

ONE SWEET DEAL sale is on! What does that mean? If you call any of our stores and are interested in an Innova Longarm Quilting Machine and ask for the SWEET DEAL, you will indeed get a sweet deal. We are not talking $20, $100, $500 or even $1,000. We are talking more! So it is to your advantage if you are on the fence about buying a new machine to call the store and ask about this deal.

We have 5 machines set up for demo from Computerized, Hand-Guided to Sit Down. We have a machine that will fit your quilting! Come on in and mention the words I WANT A SWEET DEALand you will get ONE SWEET DEAL! BIG SAVINGS!
Workshop…..Quilting Better Borders   
May 12 th , 10 am to 12 pm   $35.00
Intermediate Hand Guided Instruction 
 May 18 th  and 19 th  from 9 to 4
License to Longarm class (beginner)   
May 5 th     9 to 12 pm
May 9 th   1 to 4 pm
May 24 th  1 to 4 pm
June 1 st    1 to 4 pm
The Northview Mall where Accomplish Quilting Indy store is located is having a "Love in the Square Event". Yes, love is in the air! Purses, Shoes, Jewelry, Quilting Fabric, Quilting thread, Quiting machines and lots of refreshments will be served to enjoy as you sip and shop.
The Love is in the Square sale is on Saturday May 12 th  in the courtyard. There will be lots of beautiful things for sale! Connie’s quilt shop Quilts Plus, Indy Designs, Greiner's Sandwich Shop, LOVE Your Body Yoga and Clothing store and of course all of us are here from Accomplish Quilting to show you the fabulous line-up of Innova Longarm Quilting Machines.  

Come put your hands on an Innova and ask for a cupcake and make a sweet deal! Take home the machine that will make your quilting dreams come true.
The Tennessee Report
The Tennessee Report
The Tennessee Report
Pat and Mike are most appreciative for the opportunity to display a few of their quilts as a "Quilting Team of the Month". 
Feeddogs Quilting was established in 2017 and was born of combined passions.
Pat started quilting nearly ten years ago, participating in block of the month club projects with a local quilt shop. After several years, she expanded her projects to include quilts of her own design and custom quilts for friends and family, eventually being asked to produce commissioned quilts for customers celebrating life milestones as anniversaries and the arrival of newborn family members. 
I (Mike), have been admiring the art and artistry of quilts as both items of utility (need) as well as artistic expression and genuine works of craftsmanship. This sentiment was cemented after a trip to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky where I found some of the most incredible finished works. 
When the opportunity to transition from a canine training instructor, a physically demanding career, to operate a longarm quilting machine in support of my wife and her craft, a more technical field, I made the decision to support this full-time. 
Together we provide longarm services and custom quilts for customers and nonprofit rescue groups within our community and a portion of every service ticket is donated to assist animals in need within the Middle Tennessee area.
Educational Events at the Goodlettsville Store
& Upcoming Shows 
(Please call to reserve your spot in a class)


Educational Events at the Goodlettsville Store
& Upcoming Shows 
(Please call to reserve your spot in a class)

May 11-12 -  AutoPilot Intermediate Training (9am-4pm)
May 16 -  Top Tenn Longarm Guild (10am)  
June 2 -  New Owner Training (9am-4pm)
June 5 -  License to Longarm Rental Training (5:30pm-8pm) 
June 8-9 -  Hand Guided Intermediate Training (9am-4pm)
June 9 -  Hand Guided – 20 Fills Class with Carol Ann (9am-4pm)
June 15-16- Smokey Mountain Quilt Show Knoxville, TN
June 20 -  Top Tenn Longarm Guild (10am)

DID YOU KNOW? Fena D'Ottavio, AQ Marketing
Have you ever considered Quilting as a Business?

Would you like to work from home? Would you like to set your own hours? Are you looking for a new career or a new second career?

Read the Top 20 Reasons to Start YOUR Quilting Business. When requested, we have a business plan that we will send you. We are also here to assist you as you start the journey. We are even working on Top 20 Pieces of Advice from Quilters on what to do, not to do and what to watch for so that you too will know the ins and outs of the business!

Please click on this link to read all about Quilting Finishing As a Business:

The Top 20 Reasons to Start YOUR Quilt Finishing Business:
HELP! I need "rubber meets the road" sage advice on starting your own quilting business from people who have experience. What are the joys? What are the things to look out for?

Do you remember what it was like to start it? What would you tell anyone embarking on upon this business?

I am looking for information to write the article on HOW TO START YOUR OWN QUILTING BUSINESS with advice on the issues that you have had to overcome. What should they know, what should they look out for, tips and tricks on how to run it smoothly, the hurdles that you had to get over?

Please write to me at
or call 269-769-4390


Did you know that Michael is the M in ABM, International?

Michael's father Arthur started the company in 1947. Arthur had two sons-Michael and Barry- which is for the B & the M of ABM. Michael's son Neal is the owner of Innova.

Innovation lives and thrives in the Swarzberger family!
Is your thread breaking and you just don't know why?

Does it snap off and fly up to the "take up finger" in the middle of movement?

Tension may be the culprit!

Watch this informative video that we created with Michael so that all of you would learn the right way to adjust your top and bottom tension. Watch it several times to truly understand how to master quilting machine tension.
Setting the Top and Bobbin tension on the Innova Longarm Quilting Machine by the Master-Michael Schwarzberger
Watch our video to see how to properly set the tension on your Innova Longarm Quilting Machine.