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Letter from the Top Jeff Benedict, Owner
This month topic:
Business to Business Quilting Support
Accomplish Quilting supports those who are in the quilting business or those that are thinking of quilting as a business.
Dear Innovators and Friends,

Serving businesses has been one of the most satisfying and rewarding jobs for the Accomplish Quilting team. This month we want to thank all the businesses who rely on us for excellent quilting equipment, superior support after the sale, unmatched training opportunities and quality longarm supplies. Not all our customers quilt for profit, but many of our customers have transitioned from other jobs to run their own successful businesses. Many enjoy quilting as a home-based business, side business or a retirement business.

Business to business service has changed over the years. We realize customers do a great deal of research online and so we want it to be easy for you to gather information on our website. Creating videos of new and used machines and training videos give you access to our expertise at your fingertips. One thing hasn’t changed though. We are dedicated to serving you and appreciate your business.

As a thank you we want to help quilting business (and hobby quilters!) expand and maintain their quilting capabilities.
  • Do you need another quilting machine to keep up with demand? Consider our SALE on new INNOVA machines or adding a pre-owned machine.
  • Are you ready to upgrade your INNOVA? We have a SALE on upgrades this month. Add Lightning Stitch, PantoVision, Navigator and AutoPilot this month and save on shipping and setup.
  • Does your machine need service? Our tune-up special is for you! Call us to schedule a time when a technician will tune up or repair your quilting machine at one of our three stores.

Whatever your need may be, we'll make your quilting easy!

Kind regards,
Jeff Benedict
President Accomplish Quilting, Inc.
Customer Service is what we are known for.
In Michigan:
810 Napier Ave St. Joseph, MI 49085
Phone: 269-556-2552
Hours: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm; Sat by appt.
In Tennessee:
855 Springfield Hwy, Suite 109
Goodlettsville, TN 37072
Phone: 615-756-9556
​Hours: Tues - Fri 9am - 5pm; Sat 9am-2pm, Mon by appt.

In Indianapolis:  
1746 East 86th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Phone: 317-478-1422
Hours: Tues- Sat; 10am-5pm  
N ew INNOVA Longarm Machine Sale

Indianapolis: 317-478-1422
Nashville, TN 615-756-9556
Michigan: 866-556-2552
Buy an Innova and join the
AQ Blue Apron Club!
Standard stitch regulated machines freight and installation $650 (Normally $1,300) YOUR SAVINGS: $650.00 To see standard stitch CLICK HERE

Lightning Stitch machines freight and installation $450 (Normally $1,300) YOUR SAVINGS: $850 To see Lightning Stitch CLICK HERE

Navigator machines freight and installation $850 (Normally $2,250) YOUR SAVINGS: $1,400 To see the Navigator CLICK HERE

AutoPilot Mach-3 machines freight and installation FREE (Normally $2250) YOUR SAVINGS: $2,250 To see the AutoPilot CLICK HERE
Save on FREIGHT and SETUP of upgrades!
Add on to your existing machine and SAVE!

Lightning Stitch or Pantovision upgrade
installed at Accomplish Quilting $200 (Normally $400) YOUR SAVINGS: $200

Navigator upgrade freight and installation $775. (Normally $1,200) YOUR SAVINGS: $625

AutoPilot Mach-3 upgrade freight and installation $675 (Normally $1,200) YOUR SAVINGS: $725

Read about Red Thread customer Testimonials!

Click HERE to watch:
 FREE Shipping!
* read below

SALE ends June 30th
2001 Gammill Optimum Statler Stitcher

2002 Gammill Classic 26 with IntelliQuilter

2014 Nolting Pro Series 24

2016 INNOVA Sitdown with Lightning Stitch

A-1 (23-9) Elite Platinum Stitch Regulator
$10,999 PRICE JUST REDUCED TO $9,999

2007 APQS Millenium 24

2001 Gammill Classic 26-10 Intellistitch Turbo

1996 Gammill Optimum 30-12

Juki Sitdown

Babylock Tiara sitdown with stitch regulation

Ken Quilt KQ633

*The shipping process may include additional service charges dependent upon make, model, destination, mode of transportation or additional preferred services that you request.  
Machine Tune Up Special


*Replacement of some common wear parts
*Timing of needle bar
*100 point inspection
*Adjustment and testing
Call to set appointment
*read below
*You must call the Michigan store and speak with Kippie who does the scheduling of the techs on the road at all three stores.


Gammill machines drip oil and when people bring them into the Tennessee store or the Indianapolis store, we have carpet in the showrooms and the machines can not be brought into the front of the store and across the carpets. Make sure you talk to Kippie for details.
The article below is a repeat this month due to its rave reviews and action taken by our current customers.
URGENT! Is your surge protector doing the job to protect your machine and your investment in your machine? You will want to read the article below!
If you missed this article last month, it is a must read! We are making it available again this month for those of you who have not protected your machine properly.
Would you be a police officer and not wear a kevlar vest?

Would you drive your car without insurance?

Would you run downstairs with scissors in hand?

Doubtful! So why would you not protect your investment of your machine!

We arrive in people's homes every single day only to find that they have purchased a surge protector from their local home improvement store and they plan to install an expensive machine and depend upon that device to protect it and them.

Read the article below that Mark, an experienced AQ tech wrote. Mark is our computer and electronics guru for all of Accomplish Quilting's machines on display and computers that we use for our business.
Mark wrote:

Many customers will ask “how do I know I have a good surge protector”?

Surge protectors and power strips are NOT the same, power strips are generally no better than plugging into a power outlet and if they offer any protection at all it is very minimum.

Surge protectors are rated on a scale of how many “joules” they offer, once these joules are exhausted the surge protector is no longer protecting the plugged-in devices.

The surge protector that we offer at A/Q has 1080 joules which is above what many industry standards call for.

How would someone know if a surge protector is still protecting your equipment? Many surge protectors will come with a light that illuminates when protecting. Our surge protector offers not only a light to show it is working BUT also offers an audible alarm when a lapse in protection is observed. A rating of 50,000 amps spike protection is typically what a whole house would need, our surge protector offers a maximum of 72,000 amps spike protection.

Some protectors will have a lag before protection actually takes affect which will subject your equipment to harmful current. Our surge protector offers < 1 ns (nano-second) response time which is considered the industry standard to look for.

The surge protector we sell also offers a 360º rotating flat plug to position the plug at any angle you desire in outlet. Our surge protector will use a thermal fuse to shut off your system in the event of a fire or an extreme or long- term surge or over voltage instance.

If you are interested in purchasing the protector that we have in stock please click on the picture below and order the protector that will protect your investment.

Price: $49.99
JUNE 22-23, 2018     
Acclaimed AutoPilot Mach 3 Expert
AUTOPILOT ACADEMY with Susan Smith will be here soon!
Would you like to master your skills on the use of your Innova AutoPilot with Grand Format Embroidery and Path Apply? Susan Smith is a experienced computerized machine quilting teacher and a master of AutoPilot and GFE. She will teach you in a way that you will be able to master your own quilting and how you think about the powerful AutoPilot custom quilting tools. Susan will share her mastery of the AutoPilot software and help take you to the next level of quilting and you will connect with other AutoPilot users!

Don't miss this exciting class! Call the store today to reserve your spot! 866-556-2552
Did you know that we have LOTS of new videos on our INNOVA MACHINES page? Are you considering the purchase of a new machine and would like to know the differences between the machines?


You get to share the customer experience of someone who is looking to purchase a longarm. Julie Lillo explains all the features and benefits of the Innova Longarms.

To see our Innova Machines in action: CLICK HERE
The Michigan Report

Our Featured Quilter Diana Collins

Our featured quilter is Diana Collins of Hartford, MI. Diana started sewing garments at the age of 13. She has be quilting for 40 years and longarm quilting for ten years. When her friends need advice about their sewing machines, they call Diana. She's not afraid to take them apart. Diana enjoys teaching others how to sew and has given away countless quilts. Stop in our store to see her beautiful handiwork or watch Facebook to see them posted in the next few weeks.

June 22-23 AutoPilot Academy- a two day workshop about all you can do with Mach3. Anyone who wants to do more with their AutoPilot will enjoy Susan Smith's presentations on custom quilting, new drawing tools, tagging patterns and utilizing Grand Format Embroidery. Students are highly encouraged to bring simulator software loaded on a laptop.

Susan Smith's ability to teach computerized quilting has been called the platinum standard of longarm training! Call to sign up for this two day AutoPilot Academy! We want to see you on June 22-22 at the Michigan store!

Upcoming Events and Classes
(Please call the store at 866-556-2552 to sign up.)

June 15-16 AutoPilot Intermediate Training (9 AM-4 PM)
June 22-23 AutoPilot Academy with Susan Smith (9 AM-4 PM)

July 7 New Owner Training (9 AM-3 PM)
July 12 License to Longarm (10 AM-1 PM)
July 15-16 Intermediate Hand-guided Training ( 9 AM-4 PM)

August 9 License to Longarm (1 PM- 4 PM)
August 11 New Owner Training (9 AM-3 PM
August 17-18 AutoPilot Intermediate Training (9 AM-4 PM)
The Indiana Report
Featured Quilter:
Linda Lupton
Stop into the Indy store to get A SWEET DEAL and test-drive an Innova today!
At the Indy store we have 5 INNOVA machines set up for demonstration and training from Hand-Guided to Computer-guided to Sit Down. We have a machine that will fit your quilting needs! Our June Machine Special can save you up to $2000.00 on your new INNOVA. Even better than that, you can get training and service right here in the center of Indiana.

The purchase of your new INNOVA machine comes with 3 classes at no extra charge. We want you to enjoy and have lots of fun with your machine when you purchase from AQ. We want to make sure that your experience using your machine is enjoyable and productive, so we make our classes available FREE to you as a service to our customers and to help you achieve your best quilting possible.  
We also offer beginning longarm classes. Did you ever want to complete a quilt for someone from the beginning to the end all by yourself? We would love to help you accomplish just that. You can take our beginning class for $35.00. It lasts about 2.5 to 3 hours. Completion of this class will allow you to rent time on our Innova machines. You can complete your quilts and we are happy to help you do it.
We sell gift certificates. It is a great gift for the quilter in your life. It is always “a perfect fit .” Select the dollar amount that is perfect for any occasion. 

Don’t miss this opportunity. Come in the store to test drive one of our machines.  Or if you can’t come during store hours, call and make an appointment for someone to meet with you.
Upcoming Events and Classes
(Please call the store at 317-478-1422 to sign up.)

License to Longarm Class (beginner)   
June 22  Friday (9 AM-12 noon)
June 23 Saturday (9 AM-12 noon)

July 6 Friday (1 PM -4 PM)
July 11 Wednesday (9 AM -12 noon)
July 13  Friday (1 PM -4 PM)
July 17 Tuesday (1 PM-4 PM)
New Owner Training
June 16  Saturday (9 AM-3 PM)
We had our first Quilt INdiana meeting this past Saturday June 9. 18 attended and brought their laughter, friendliness and projects to share with the group.

We started with lunch of turkey sandwiches, homemade potato salad, homemade deviled eggs, chips, watermelon and strawberries and crunchy M&M's. Of course there was lots of talking and laughter during and after lunch. Then we all circled around the quilts displayed and each person introduced themselves and talked about how long they have been quilting. The beauty of the group was the fact of the age ranges and diversity. Some of us even hung around a hour or so later just because we were having so much fun!

Next month we are having a pitch-in! We are providing the hot dogs and buns, condiments, water, soft drinks, plates and silverware. Bring a side dish or dessert. Please post on our FACEBOOK Group that you will be attending and what you are bringing. Not on Facebook? Call the store at 317-478-1422 to add your name to the email list. When signing up please tell the person you are speaking to what dish you will bring.

Come join us next time! We are planning our monthly meeting every second Saturday of the month. Please join our FACEBOOK private group CLICK HERE
The Tennessee Report
Danielle Childers

Quilter of the Month: 
Danielle Childers

   In 2013 Danielle was working as the marketing director for a publishing house, and as a team building exercise, they decided to piece a quilt. She was hooked! She wanted to learn it all! Appliqué, curved seams, foundation paper piecing... Eventually she wanted to quilt on a longarm, too. She rarely makes the same quilt twice. She sees each new quilt as an opportunity to learn a new technique; she says her quilts are rarely perfect, but they’re always fun! All of Danielle’s quilts were quilted on INNOVA machines right here in the Goodlettsville location! We are so happy to have her as a part of our AQTN family and invite you to come see her beautiful collection, which is just a snippet of the beautiful work she has done since she started quilting! 

Educational Events at the Goodlettsville Store
& Upcoming Shows 
(Please call to reserve your spot in a class)

June 15-16 – Smokey Mountain Quilt Show Knoxville, TN
June 20 - Top Tenn Longarm Guild (10am)

July 6 - License to Longarm Rental Training (10am-1pm) 
July 7 - New Owner Training (9am-4pm)
July 13-14 – Autopilot Intermediate Training (9am-4pm)
July 18 - Top Tenn Longarm Guild (10am)  


DID YOU KNOW? Fena D'Ottavio, AQ Marketing
Have you ever considered Quilting as a Business?

Would you like to work from home? Would you like to set your own hours? Are you looking for a new career or a new second career?

Read the Top 20 Reasons to Start YOUR Quilting Business. When requested, we have a business plan that we will send you. We are also here to assist you as you start the journey. We are even working on Top 20 Pieces of Advice from Quilters on what to do, not to do and what to watch for so that you too will know the ins and outs of the business!

Please click on this link to read all about Quilting Finishing As a Business:

The Top 20 Reasons to Start YOUR Quilt Finishing Business:
Scenario: You are an Autopilot or Navigator owner doing edge to edge and your thread breaks!

What do you do?

One of our quilting stars, Ashley Powenski, of the Tennessee store and a master of the AutoPilot shows you step by step on what to do when your thread breaks.
Oh No! I am doing an edge to edge design and my thread broke! (and I can't get up!)
Watch the video to see how to restart after a thread break.
This video was a suggestion of several of our customers. If you need a video to help you "Make Quilting Easy" just contact any staff member or contact Fena, Marketing Manager, directly at or call 269-769-4390 with your suggestion.

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"We make quilting easy!"