December 2019
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Gratitude For Uncomfortability
Gratitude for Chosen Family
Not everyone is born into a healthy family. Some people have an amazing family but simply don’t fit in with them and the list goes on of the different varieties of family dynamics. This is the time of year that I especially give thanks for the power of choosing chosen family and attracting your soul tribe. How amazing it is for each of us to have the power to decide to love and be loved by people who align with our core values. Chosen family is not limited to blood bonds and extends to whosoever you decide to create family with. In this season, take time to think about the values and personality traits you admire in the people you care about. Become more of those qualities yourself and give thanks for every person who has shown you the value of chosen family. Chosen Family is a beautiful reminder that the highest form of currency is still love.

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