Agriculture & Natural Resource Center of Excellence Newsletter
May | 2021
CareerExplore NW - Certified Crop Advisor - The McGregor Company
Crop advisors work with agricultural scientists in plant, fiber, and animal research, or assist with animal breeding and nutrition. Set up or maintain laboratory equipment and collect samples from crops or animals. Prepare specimens or record data to assist scientists in biology or related life science experiments. Conduct tests and experiments to improve yield and quality of crops or to increase the resistance of plants and animals to disease or insects.
Implicit Bias Webinar Series: LGBTQ & Gender Biases, Morgan Mentzer | May 18, 2021

This webinar was presented and recorded on May 18, 2021, to a cohort of workforce education leaders in Washington State.

The Workforce Implicit Bias Training Institute is an in-person and online training platform for the workforce education system in Washington State, to develop working tools and processes to identify and reduce unconscious biases that hinder student, apprentice, faculty, and leadership success and enrich the overall campus, learning and training environments.

The project is led by the Washington State Centers of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology, Construction, Careers in Education, Agriculture & Natural Resource, and the Machinists Institute.

Upcoming Webinar:
Leadership with Zenovia Harris
Thu, June 3, 2021
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT
The application for the Career & Technical Scholarship is open now until June 6, 2021.
The Washington State Opportunity Scholarship helps low- and middle-income Washington students earn degrees, certificates or apprenticeships in high-demand trade, health care or STEM fields and launch careers in Washington state.
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