Rural Futures Interns & Marketing Hometown America
As many of you know, BBDC hosted two summer interns for 10 weeks from the Rural Futures Institute (RFI). Haley Ehrke & Mirissa Scholting, both of University of Nebraska - Lincoln, did a magnificent job while here and will truly be missed by many.

Their project here in Box Butte County included updating our photo library of stock photos to include 'life' as well as create a marketing video that could be shared by any business looking to recruit a new workforce or retain those they do have. We have discovered that we really do have a lot to offer and please don't be alarmed if your business was not highlighted in this video. The girls collected hundreds of quality photos, video clips, and over 20+ personal interviews that we can create more videos/commercials tailored to certain topics.

This was all a process started by our Marketing Hometown America initiative to try and attract/retain a workforce here in Box Butte County. I want to send a BIG SHOUT OUT to our key facilitators - Ammie Frost (Hemingford), Mandee Best (Alliance), Matt Harris (Alliance), Rebecca Acosta (Alliance), Rick Kuckkahn (Alliance), and myself - Chelsie Herian. There is still much to do but yet at the same time, we feel somewhat accomplished. Hope you enjoy the video (below). Our YouTube Channel is launched too, so please check out the other short films there.

Thanks, Chelsie

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***If your company is interested in using any of the videos, please reach out to Chelsie at 762.1800.
New Employees @ Box Butte Development
Shaylee Hance - BBDC Assistant Director
Shaylee grew up on a small ranch in Circle, Montana. She graduated from Chadron State College with a business degree and then went on to coach the rodeo team at Central Wyoming College in Riverton, WY.  She recently moved back to Nebraska to spend more time with her critters, rope more, and live the good life. She will be assisting with business development efforts as well as expanding our tourism/event promotions. The creating of a "Hospitality & Attractions" committee is a goal in the near future. She feels it is important that our attractions and hotels communicate.
Jessica Lux - First Impressions Ambassador
Jessica Lux   is the First impressions Ambassador who works with Box Butte Development Corporation and The Chamber of Commerce to welcome guest and provide them with information about the area. She knows just how great Box Butte County is from living here for over 26 years. She graduated from Alliance High in 2010 and proceeded to take classes at Western Nebraska Community College. Jessica is married and has one son. If she is not at home spending time with her family you can find her participating in church functions, working in her yard, or enjoying the local shops. She is looking to expand her presence and is excited to network and become a more active member in our community.
VOTE YES / YES - November 6th, 2018
Proposition #1 - Renew the 1.5% Sales Tax

Proposition #2 Amend the existing Economic Development Program

  • Quality Services continuing to be provided - including Police, Fire, Streets/Infrastructure, Library, Parks and Recreation
  • Property Tax Relief
  • Everyone pays Sales Tax - but 50% of the sales tax collected comes from people who live outside Alliance
  • Job Creation & Job Retention through LB840 program, remain competitive with other communities across the state
  • Small Business Development, including Downtown redevelopment
  • Workforce Housing (new since Tax was last passed)
  • Production of Films (new to plan, if passed)

If NOT Passed,
  • 25% of City Services to be cut
  • Increased tax burden on home owners
  • Risk losing businesses
  • No longer competitive to attract new businesses
  • No longer able to assist existing businesses with expansion needs

For more information on the program, please give Chelsie a call 762.1800.
That's a Wrap! Great 2018!
On behalf of BBDC, we want to extend a special shout out to our savior Elizabeth Fritzler for swooping in and taking this event on. We had a fantastic 2018 summer concert series here in Alliance and the grand finale in Hemingford was quite the hit too.

Elizabeth would like to THANK her many sponsors for helping make this such a great event:
Earlier this summer, the City of Alliance approached BBDC to run with tourism activities and assist with expanding community events. We plan to take this job very serious but yet have some fun. BBDC will partner with the Chamber for part of it but stay tuned for some exciting changes to take place. We already mentioned the new "Hospitality & Attractions" committee but there will be more.

9/15 & 9/16 Dobby's Fall Festival
9/29 Carnegie Arts Center Tailgate
10/13 Harvest Moon Fall Festival - Hemingford
10/27 A.R.C. Dancing w/ the Stars
Heartland Expressway Association
Aug. 16th Annual Meeting
Lt. Governor Foley & Nebraska Dept. of Transportation director Schneweis were both in attendance. Numbers discussed during the meeting included the $18.3M Federal Grant announced last June for construction further South out of Alliance; $600M investment from NDOT for infrastructure FY2019; 62 complete miles, 20+ scheduled miles, and 30+ more miles to be engineered in next 5 years. Paving the way for success! Join HEA today!
St. Agnes Glow Run - Sept. 8th

Thursday, Sept. 6th
Open Houses All Day
Kids Games & Chili Cook-off @ 4 p.m.
Meal - South Mini Park @ 5 p.m.
Live Entertainment 6 - 9 p.m.
Gift Basket Drawing @ 6:30 p.m.
(Must be present to Win)
2017-2018 Fiscal Year ends September 30th