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 - The EDR Group Team, November 2017                               

Framework for Assessing the ROI for High-Speed and Intercity Rail Projects

For the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), EDR Group worked with the University of Illinois to develop model methods for assessing the economic impacts and benefits of high speed rail.  The project provided guidance for assessing the full range of national, regional and local impacts and benefits.  The team developed examples of how that guidance could be applied for the California High Speed Rail and Midwest High Speed Rail projects. 
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Aligning Community Expectation with Airport Roles
Evaluation of Community Energy Efficiency Program in Chile.   EDR Group is developing an evaluation methodology for a pilot anti-poverty energy program operated by our affiliate EBP in Renca, Chile. The first of its kind program in Chile, this program provides installation of energy efficiency measures, education and behavioral changes promoting more energy efficient lifestyles in a low-income population.
MassDOT Economic Impact Evaluation Study.   Massachusetts DOT turned to EDR Group to develop a methodology for evaluating the economic development benefits of alternative transportation proposals. This is one of several factors considered in the project selection process. The study is evaluating criteria to be used for assessing the effect of various air, rail, highway and bus projects on job and income growth and economic prosperity in the Commonwealth. The study is making use of stakeholder input to also consider the importance of factors relating to urban/rural and income equity, as well as transportation accessibility and reliability.
EDR Group Participates in Urban Transportation Think Tank
Peter Plumeau
 with Former MA Gov. Michael Dukakis at the Think Tank 
Community Energy Initiatives: Evaluating Their Achievements  
By Mike Sherman, Principal Consultant, Clean Energy Policy - EDR Group 
Energy program evaluation has sure changed! Programs to support efficiency in energy use and renewable power sources go back 40 years, following oil crises in the 1970s. Utility companies were mandated to provide incentives to users via "demand side management" conservation programs. These were followed by public rebates for investment in renewable and efficient technologies.
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Transit's Role in High-Tech Economic Development
By Adam Winston, Senior Associate - EDR Group 

EDR Group Colleagues have been selected to present on a variety of topics at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting 2018, January 7-11 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. 
  • Metropolitan Planning in Switzerland - Institutional and Content-Related Differences and Similarities with the US (Mark Sieber and Peter Plumeau)
  • Applying Spatial Aggregation Methods to Identify Opportunities for New Bus Service in London (Cecelia Viggiano)
  • ACRP #132: The Role of US Airports in the National Economy (Steven Landau)
  • Measuring the Relationship Between New Air Cargo Service and Regional Economic Impacts (Steven Landau)
  • The Economic Value of Connectivity in the Lynchburg Region - Assessment and Strategy Identification (Naomi Stein)
  • Estimating Revenue Neutral Mileage-Based Fees for Households in Eight Western States (Stephen Fitzroy)
  • Measuring Economic Impacts and Benefits of TNCs (Glen Weisbrod)
We will have more information on our website on times and locations of presentations closer to conference time.
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