December 2020
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We wish everyone a happy, healthy holiday.
Bye Bye 2020! We won't be missing you!
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Hearing Loss Bingo!
...of Things that Piss Me Off
You have until Thursday 12/31/2020 to use your insurance benefits ! Give us a call!
Scroll down to read about Blue Cross/Blue Shield Federal Employee Program changes.


We hope this newsletter finds you healthy, safe, and free of stress in these times. Wasn't 2020 the longest decade ever?!
Somedays we wake up, and everything is fine. Other days we wake up with that feeling of missing our family, friends, and patients. Long conversations, hanging out, enjoying a simple walk, or retail therapy mall shop.

This snowy December month we wanted to remind those who want to take advantage of their insurance benefits to give us a call before Thursday, December 31st. Especially, if you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield Federal Employee Program. This program benefit is changing in 2021.

Also, scroll down for the "Hearing Loss Bingo! Of things that piss me off" by Mandi. How many board squares do you relate to?!

Thanks for sticking with us! 

Mandi & Larry
Can you relate to this Bingo board? I bet you can add a few squares!
Tips for Dealing with Tinnitus
Excellent Podcasts with transcripts
*Offering free access to their latest issue of Tinnitus Today
Most of the articles in Tinnitus Today this quarter (Winter 2020) are focused on Covid-19 and tinnitus. Special features on the impact of the Coronavirus on people with tinnitus, coping with tinnitus, tinnitus impact on other countries during the pandemic, and how research is impacted due to the virus. Good stuff! If you do not want to download the magazine I would be happy to send you copies of the articles! Just call 303-462-4900 or email
Deductible met? Thinking about using your hearing aid benefit? Check your coverage before you leave 2020! You have a few days left!
BCBS FEP plan will now provide benefits for hearing aids up to $2,500 every five years, as opposed to the current three years.

What does this mean?

If you purchased hearing aids in:
2020, 2019, 2018 you will be able to upgrade in:
2023, 2022, 2021. After that, it will be five years before you can use your benefit again.

If you purchased hearing aids in 2017 or earlier you are able to upgrade now before the end of the year. Therefore, you can take advantage of the benefit again in 2023.
If you wait to upgrade in 2021 you will have to wait 5 more years before you can upgrade again.

We offer the same pricing plans and hearing aid discount plans for FEP offering no out-of-pocket costs for selected high quality hearing aids.
Check all Cigna, GEHA, and UHC plans including
Complete &
Stay tuned...
Larry's Refurbished Hearing Aid Drawer
If you are in need of refurbished aids - Call or email Larry!


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