Summer Update
Even though the world has stopped, hunger hasn't!

Feeding Projects

Tabita is one of the children that has been helped by our feeding project. The first picture is 1 year ago. She had a skin condition that was caused by malnutrition. Since then, she has received regular food and medication and, as you can see, is looking much more healthy. (in the second picture)

The Covid-19 rules from the government say that we can't cook, but only can deliver food for her guardian to cook for her.

Many thanks to our sponsors for supporting our feeding projects in Rwanda, Kenya and Congo.


Community Garden

Church members grow a vegetable garden to help with the feeding program. I see corn, cabbage, carrots? It is great to see healthy vegetables growing in this large garden.

Where do you get food if you can't go get food?

Here is a report from Home of Hope in Kenya. At the beginning of July, we managed to reach 33 families in the Soweto slum in Nairobi with bags of food included maize flour, wheat flour, beans cooking oil, rice, milk, tea leaves, soap, masks and hand sanitizer.
During the visit, we were able to help a family that had lost hope, a mother of four children aged between 4 and 13 struggling to feed and nurse her husband who has cancer of the stomach and is on his death bed.
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