Lawn and Garden
Lighting options for starting seed (LEDs vs. Fluorescent)
Starting plants indoors require a lot more light than what you can get through windows and overhead lights. There are other ways to start your garden than waiting for warm weather or hoping for the best.
Winter Conditions Can be Hard on Plants

The Kansas City winter can be a season of extremes. So far this year has not been anywhere near record cold or highs. Find out how plants cope with temperature swings.
Overuse of Ice Melts Can Harm Plants
Winter storms have left some reaching for de-icing materials to help rid the walk and drives of slick spots. While they are effective, overuse or applying without caution can create problems.
With a little care, Valentine Flowers Can Last Longer

Giving flowers to your sweetie is a time-honored tradition. With a little care and thought your expression of love can last a few more days.  See what you need to do to keep them blooming.
Pruning – It’s All in the Timing

As the weather warms we get the urge to get outside and prune. Know when is the best time to prune for plant health.
Health and Home
Tax Season Organization
Tax season is upon us and that can be stressful for some people. Here are some tips to help take some of the stress out of tax preparation.
Indulge (moderately...) in a Heart-Healthy Sweets

Chocolates are the favorite treat for Valentine’s Day. They’re also a favorite treat of nutritionists, too.
Keep Food Safe During Power Outages

Winter winds and upcoming spring storms often result in power outages. Be prepared to keep your food safe when the power goes out.
Community Development
Building Effective Community Board Leadership Skills
At one point or another, you will inevitably end up a member of a board. Here is a class that will give you the skills to be successful in your position.
Agriculture & Natural Resource
Wildlife and Humans
Coyotes do live in Johnson County! Here are concerns and tips you should be aware of if a coyote is spotted in your area.
Leap into the Year at JCEEF's Annual Dinner!
Join us for a fun-filled evening on February 29 at the Arts and Heritage Center. For more details on the dinner and memberships, visit us at our website.
In Partnership Together
Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service. K-State Research and Extension is committed to making its services, activities, and programs accessible to all participants. If you have special requirements due to a physical, vision, or hearing disability, please contact Johnson County Extension at 913.715.7000. K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer.