Orgone Antenna Pyramid
In 1968, my family, (my husband, myself and my two boys), lost four hours of time and were asked to build a pyramid so that my then 3 year old son John, could function in the physical world.

I feel that we met with the elders of the planet and they asked us to build a pyramid, which gave us the secret wisdom of how to balance the electromagnetic fields on the planet. Scientists and archeologists have mistakenly called the pyramids tombs. They are an antenna system that can teach us how to balance the tip and tilt of the Earth and how to better grow crops and shut down abnormalities such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

In 1975 we built a pyramid for my son who was now 10 years old and very dyslexic. This balanced out his electromagnetic field so he could better function on the planet. The designer of our pyramid, Kenneth Killick, put a layering effect of electric, di-electric, electric, di-electric coverings over the pyramid, creating an orgone generator. The pyramid is a wireless antenna. Putting an orgone covering on it allowed it to connect to the Earth motor.

Wilhelm Reich, who came to the U.S. in the 1940s created orgone generators by creating the orgone layering effect that we put on our pyramid. Since this process was healing cancer and balancing out storms, it was immediately outlawed by the U.S. government. The government burned 18 tons of his books, generators and motors. It was the biggest book burning in the history of America.

Shortly after we built our pyramid, Navy intelligence came to our door and wanted to discuss if we knew what we had done. It seems that the pyramid is a wireless antenna system and by putting a balanced field of orgone energy on our pyramid covering, we shut down the abnormalities in the Bermuda Triangle and the Great Lakes Triangle. This allowed us to balance out the stray electricity that was created by Sawyer Air Force Base broadcasting to submerged submarines during the Cold War. Kenneth Killick, at that time, told us that we prevented the oceans from dying. The radio station that was broadcasting out of Sawyer Air Force base was using the CN tower in Toronto and the Seattle Space Needle to send a signal all the way around the world. According to Kenneth Killick, this extremely low frequency radio station signal would have destroyed the life-force in the oceans had we not built our pyramid.

Now many people are concerned about the 5G antenna system that is being built around the world, especially in the US. In July of 1987 we published a book called "Pyramid Energy, the Philosophy of God, the Science of Man." Tom Milliren became interested in our pyramid and sold hundreds of copies of our book to many dowsing communities all over the U.S. This book introduced to the dowsing community information on pyramids as antennas.

That is why at the ASD conference in June of 2013, we were able to take over 100 people through the Holy Grail Vortex and change the tip and tilt of the Earth. Pyramids are antennas that surround the globe. When hundreds of people make a pillar of light out of their heart chakra, like Brian Besco taught at this year's ASD conference, we can change the frequency of the Earth and take down hurricanes and tornadoes, heal people from a distance, and spread light and love around the world.

Thanks to the many dowsers that I have been working with over the years we have accomplished an understanding of how to heal negative frequencies such as 5G, extreme weather events, and the extremely low frequency (ELF) that would have destroyed the oceans from Sawyer Airforce Base during the Cold War.

Essential Oils through the Ages (part 1)
There are known facts about the history of essential oils with the earliest being around the Nile River 5000 years ago. Egypt is thought of as the origin of aromatherapy where fragrant perfume often was used as sacred smoke. In the 3rd Dynasty, 2650-2575 BC, Frankincense, Spikenard, Myrrh, Galbanum, Cinnamon, Cedarwood and Juniper berry have been found in the tombs of the royals. Tutankhamun’s grave was found with jars of the most sacred essential oils known to man.
Cedar and Myrrh were often used in preparation for mummification.

As culture progressed, they used botanical (what we now call essential) oils as medicine, incense, cosmetics, perfume, anointing and spiritual applications. Cleopatra is known for her beauty, Nerfertum is known as the God of Healing & Perfume. The deeper one digs, the more we find names of royals and their use of oils.

My favorite is the Ebers Papyrus from 1550 BC. It is the largest record of ancient Egyptian medicine with 700 recipes, remedies and incantations to turn away disease-causing demons. Many believe that the Ebers Papyrus came from an even older Ancient text.

Egyptians rituals included important daily body care and cleanliness. Moisturizing and skin protection were common practice. Unpleasant smells equate impurity whereas good smells equated sacredness. This is why the priests were the only authority allowed to use certain sacred aromatic oils because they were one with God.
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Pyramid Energy Group Meetup for October
The Earth is a motor and pyramids, obelisks, Medicine Wheels and labyrinths are all antennas to this motor.

During the October Meetup, Rev. Mary Hardy Ph.D. will be discussing how we can save the planet by using this energy field.

October 10th

at The Gathering Lighthouse
26 N Park Ave
Lombard, IL 60148

$20 Donation
Pay at the Door
The East West Link by Arthur Faram
Around the world there are thousands of pyramids, monoliths and geoglyphs which, when the ancient science of Geoglyphology is applied, form a network of territories which all interlock like a puzzle. These territories are validated by the fact that they outline many countries which still follow their ancient boundaries. This is not to say that these structures were built strictly to support geoglyphological needs. Many of these structures and geoglyphs also support the newly ordained science of Geoarchaeology.
Research has shown that originally there were very large territories defined by these geoglyphs and monoliths. As time passed, and history dictated, many of these vast territories were subdivided down into smaller parcels. These subdivisions tend to tell a story of historical progression which is not available from other sources. Reading these survey markers becomes easier if the ancient science of Geoglyphology is understood. A short, but informative, article on Geoglyphology can be found at: http://www.thefaramfoundation.com/geoglyphs.htm

In general, most geoglyphs, including pyramids, exist to support the defining of ancient territories. However, the ancient Indonesian Pyramids appear to have a different function. Rather than defining territories they appear to connect and validate other territories too far away from each other to be recognized as part of the original plan.

This article shows a definite correlation between the Indonesian Pyramids and other established territories. It should be remembered that even though a monolith or geoglyph points to a location where a geoglyph or monolith exists does not mean that they are “age” related. 
Pyramid Discussion Forum
Announcing the opening of a Pyramid Discussion Forum on StargatePyramids.com.

This forum is intended to provide a much-needed location for
pyramid users, builders, researchers, purchasers and
other interested parties to present new ideas, share
research, ask and answer questions, and just have fun.

This forum is intended to be used by any and all members of the pyramid community. At present, there are six topics on the forum:

- General Discussion
and Psi Enhancement
- Health Benefits
- Sacred Geometry
-Capstones and Enhancements
- Pyramid Construction

New forum topics can be setup as requested.

If anyone is interested in helping to administer the forums, please contact Charlie on the forum General Discussion page.
A Mystery Buried Underneath Egypt's Oldest Pyramid
The above-ground elements of Djoser’s Pyramid complex were revolutionary, refreshing and massive. Once completed, the entire complex stood out and was visible from miles away. The Pyramid was finished off with finely-polished limestone making it shine like a star.

But the above-ground elements of the  pyramid  complex are only part of a small, miniscoul part of the entire story.
Just as the above-ground elements were revolutionary, what lies beneath them is even more worthy of praise and admiration.

More than 4,700 years ago, somehow, and apparently using no more than simple tools, no wheel, no pulley, and sticks and stones, the ancient builders of the pyramid complex excavated more than  5.7 kilometers worth of tunnels, chambers, galleries, and magazines beneath the pyramid .

As far as Egyptologists, the only precedent to this massive project are the 2nd-dynasty royal underground galleries not far from the Djoser complex, to the south, one of which is believed to have belonged to  Hotepsekhemwy . Archeologists have discovered that Djoser’s Western Galleries were actually aligned to Hotepsekhemwy’s, although Djoser’s were several orders of magnitude larger.

Beneath the pyramid a central corridor and two parallel ones were built across a distance of 365 meters, connecting around 400 rooms. These impressive underground features surround one of the most complicated networks of tunnels and shafts the ancient Egyptians ever built  below a pyramid . In fact, not one pyramid after that of Djoser would include such a complicated, awe-inspiring underground world.

As to why the ancients went through the scrupulous process to excavate around 5,7 kilometers worth of tunnels, chambers, shafts, galleries, and magazines, Egyptologists regularly accept that it was meant to be a representation of the King’s underground palace.  Mark Lehner  tells us that the entire subterranean network build under the pyramid is meant to evoke the watery associations of the  Egyptian Netherworld .

Whatever the reason behind the superstructure beneath the pyramid, it would never be repeated in the hundreds of pyramids that were built following the Step Pyramid of Djoser. This is why the Pyramid complex of Djoser, both above and below the surface represents one of the most underappreciated wonders of ancient Egyptian architecture and engineering.
Worthy of an ancient wonder of the world, the massive complex marks the only time such a massive pyramid complex was built above and below the surface.
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