December 2019 • Community Information
When the Holidays Aren't
So Jolly
Loss is particularly difficult this time of year, for many it’s the loss of loved ones, but also a loss of traditions and routines. Many people can feel more isolated and alone.
For Our Babies
PeriWatch is a computer program that monitors mom’s contractions and baby’s heart rates during labor and sends alerts if either are experiencing distress, helping to reduce adverse outcomes.  
Meet Our Hot Shot - David 
David Vander Zwaag, son of David and Dorene Vander Zwaag, has been named the December 31, 2019 Hot Shot. David is 13 and attends the 8 th grade at Sioux Center Christian School. David had numerous conditions as a baby including respiratory issues and ear infections. Since then, David has also been diagnosed with ADHD.   
Auxiliary Goodie Sale
Wednesday, December 11, 2019
2:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Floyd Valley Conference Center
**The Gift Shop will also be open
~ Candy and cookie order pick up is during this time as well ~