March 2020 • Community Information
PA Cronin Announces Retirement
Floyd Valley Clinics would like to announce the upcoming retirement of Cheryl Cronin, PA-C effective August 28, 2020. We appreciate the nearly 35 years of patient care provided by Cheryl. 
Eat Right, Bite by Bite
Choosing nutritious foods and getting enough physical activity can make a significant difference in your health. Kelly Wiese, RD, LD, CDE, Floyd Valley Dietitian says, "You do not have to overhaul your entire to start making healthy lifestyle changes."
Pippett Named March Hot Shot
Hayden Pippett, 7 year old daughter of Craig and Colette Pippett, has been named the March 28, 2020 Hot Shot. Hayden has received extensive physical, occupational and speech therapy after tragic car accident. She spent a little over a month in a Sioux Falls hospital, 2 and ½ months at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln and continues her therapy today at Floyd Valley Healthcare.