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The Winter Edition of The Connection

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! The Winter edition of The Connection, the Southeast Connection newsletter, has arrived.

Check out the latest edition to read about:

  • Cultural Traditions 
  • Team Southeast Captures the Joe Griffith Trophy
  • Songwriting for Nature
  • Community Gardens
  • Pickleball
  • Paint & Sip Nights
  • Volunteer Recognition Ideas
Winter Activities that Burn Calories

We are headed into the heart of winter, beat those winter blues by staying active and burning off calories. There are lots of great outdoor activities that will keep you fit and having fun!

Stage a Snowball Fight - Just a 15 minute battle can burn more than 130 calories

Ice Skating - 45 minutes of skating can burn more than 350 calories

Sledding - An hour of zooming down and then climbing back up the hill can burn more than 400 calories

Making Snow Angels - Okay, maybe you don't actually burn off that many calories, but remember that laughing burns about a calorie a minute and it's good to have fun and be silly sometimes!

Build a Snowman - Squatting, lifting, pushing. In one hour you can burn up to 285 calories

Chopping Firewood - Need to build a cozy fire? Chopping for 20 minutes burns nearly 150 calories

Shoveling Snow - 30 minutes of shoveling can burn more than 200 calories and works your arm muscles hard. Just make sure to shovel safely to protect your back and heart! 
Shoveling Snow: How to Protect Your Back (and Your Heart) 

It's a part of life in Saskatchewan - shoveling snow from your driveway, walkway and sidewalks all throughout the winter.

If you are from Estevan, then you have already been shoveling more than your fair share this past December, as Estevan had the snowiest December in 100 years!

We all know how treacherous the driving conditions can be from a Saskatchewan snowfall, but that heavy and wet snow can also be dangerous, even if you never leave your driveway. Each year, shoveling piles of snow after a storm is believed to cause  thousands of back and shoulder injuries, not to mention several hundred heart attacks.

Check out these snow shoveling safety tips to help protect your back and your heart!
Aboriginal Community Sport Development Grant Creates New Opportunities

Sask Sport is helping to make the hoop dreams of children in central Saskatchewan come true. Over a dozen schools in Saskatoon and North Battleford with a high First Nations and Metis-student base, have been using the Sask Sport Aboriginal Community Sport Development Grant Program (ACSDGP) to increase levels of physical activity among their students.

Click below to learn more about this ACSDGP success story.

About the Grant

The purpose of the Aboriginal Community Sport Development Grant Program (ACSDGP) is to provide greater sport participation and development opportunities for Aboriginal youth in Saskatchewan.

The program will assist and support the implementation of organized community sport programs to increase sport opportunities for youth in the Aboriginal community, specifically in urban, rural, on-reserve, and isolated communities

The next deadline for ACSDGP applications, through Southeast Connection, is April 1, 2017.
Check out the link below for the application and guidelines.
True Sport Launches "The Ride Home" Campaign
The True Sport Foundation, a Canadian charitable organization has launched a new campaign titled, “The Ride Home.” The campaign highlights how a parent’s attitude can negatively impact a child’s view towards sport.

70% of kids quit sports before high school, because it isn't fun anymore.

Check out the True Sport Tips for Parents, a wallet-sized tool created for parents of kids who play sports. It was designed to help parents nurture their child’s participation in sport and provides tips on how to ensure sport remains a positive and fun experience. Carry it with you during practices and games and feel free to share it with other sporting parents too!
  Are You HOOPED?

Hula-hooping is growing in popularity as a fitness tool because it not only burns as many calories as running (600/hr), but it also strengthens core muscles and is a fun activity that all ages can enjoy.

The Are You Hooped? Project in the Northern Village of Air Ronge, offered hula hooping instructor training, as well as demonstration classes, to the community of Air Ronge and surrounding area in April 2016. The purpose of the program was to provide recreational programming to the community and develop community volunteers in order to build capacity.

Solstice Hoop Play, from Moose Jaw, was hired to deliver the training. The Village of Air Ronge and Gordon Denny School partnered to present the training, and utilized funds from the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation (SPRA) Leadership Development Grant. The grant helped to make the training barrier free and accessible to the community.

The next deadline for the SPRA Leadership Grant is February 1, 2017.

To learn more about this community success story check out the SPRA DIRECTION Magazine on page three or to apply for the grant, please click below.
  Community Success Story From Weyburn 

This month's Community Success story comes from Weyburn, where Ryan Birnie took building a backyard rink for his kids, to the next level.

The rink he has built, is bigger than most people's houses. There is a Zamboni to clear the snow, lights and electricity to keep it running at night, security cameras and sponsors who have provided funding and equipment to keep it running.

The rink is open to the neighborhood kids, local minor hockey teams and the community of Weyburn, who sees it as an effective solution to ease the burden on community skating rinks.

When Tweeted by Brad Wall to recognize him for his work, Ryan replied, "this was a huge team effort from family, friends, neighbours and the awesome community of Weyburn." 

You can watch the CTV News video about Ryan and the rink built by community spirit and volunteers  by clicking on the link below.

If you have a southeast Community Success Story, let us know! Email Kirsten Regel, Community Development Consultant @ or phone 306.780.9814
 $4.39 Million Invested in Improvements to Saskatchewan's Community Infrastructure

Sixty-two recreational and cultural facilities across Saskatchewan will be upgraded with a Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program investment of $4,390,906 from the Government of Canada. 

These improvements will help the facilities be sustainable over the long-term, which will provide many Saskatchewan residents with updated amenities to enjoy well into the future.
Provincial Territorial Infrastructure Component Funding Program

The Government of Saskatchewan is accepting applications for infrastructure projects through the Provincial Territorial Infrastructure Component of the New Building Canada Fund.

Recreation, culture and tourism infrastructure are among the list of eligible projects. 

Applications are due before noon (CST) on Monday, January 23, 2017

Government of Saskatchewan Announces Move to Single Provincial Health Authority

January 4, 2017 -  Health Minister Jim Reiter accepted all of the recommendations of the Saskatchewan Advisory Panel on Health System Structure, and announced the province will consolidate the 12 existing Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) into one single Provincial Health Authority.

“One Provincial Health Authority that is focused on better co-ordination of health services across the province will improve the quality of care patients receive,” Reiter said.  “It will also reduce administration and duplication across the health system.

“This change represents a consolidation of administration, not a centralization of services.  Our government remains committed to providing high-quality health services in every part of the province.  Our goal is better co-ordination between the health services provided in different areas of the province.”
Saskatchewan Provincial Parks Announce Nightly Camping Launch Schedule and Fees for 2017

Though it may be the middle of winter, the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport is already looking ahead to summertime.  Planning is underway for the 2017 park season and campers will be able to book their provincial park campsites beginning Tuesday, April 4.

  From Passion to Professionalism: How to Move Your Volunteer Program from One to the Other

Volunteer programs are as unique as the organizations that they support, not to mention the people who manage these programs! Administrators of volunteers come from many different backgrounds and with many different experiences, but what they have in common is that they are all charged with providing expertise in a wide variety of areas.

The foundation for success as a manager of volunteers comes from both a passion to work with people, as well as the ability to manage a variety of projects and activities that focus on the ever-changing landscape of an organization's strategic direction and program goals.
 Making Sponsorship Work in the Theatre World

There are many times that sponsorship ends up looking forced. The sponsor just doesn't fit or align with the property or community organization, and it ends up looking awkward.

It is important, as a property or community organization, to work with sponsors from a creative and innovative perspective, and not to simply "get the cheque, walk away and hang up the sign". You need to build that relationship and partnership and come up with a real connection and tie that will work for the audience, the sponsor and the property or community organization.

It has to be innovative, creative and engaging. Ross Petty of Petty Productions, a theatre company in Toronto is doing sponsorship the right way. His latest production of Sleeping Beauty connected with Sleep Country mattresses to be a sponsor for the production. It fits and it makes sense.

Ross has a history of making these connections and thinking outside of the box, like filming commercials with the cast to play during the breaks, sponsored by Tim Hortons and other local businesses.

To learn more about his innovative sponsorship solutions with his Peter Pan production and more, click below.
First Impressions Matter: The Importance of Front-Line Staff

It can be argued that staff who are the first point of contact with your organization, which includes but isn't limited to receptionists, administrative assistants and ticket takers are among the most important positions in an organization and should be supported as such.

They are ambassadors or representative of the organization, just like every employee is, but these are the staff that many people come in to contact with daily and are the first impression of the organization.

To learn more about the importance of and how to support your staff, click below.

Cultural Diversity Inclusion Grant

The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) Cultural Diversity Inclusion Grant, assists SPRA Active (paid) members in developing new recreation programs, events, or enhancing existing recreation opportunities to target the diverse population within the members' community.

The next deadline is April 1, 2017.

Note: If you are not an Active SPRA member, you may be able to approach your municipality to partner with you and to apply on your behalf.  

Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations - Now Accepting Applications for 2017 - 2018!

Applications are now being accepted for the Young Canada Works in Heritage Organizations (Summer Jobs) program stream.

Organizations that are interested in applying are encouraged to review the program’s guidelines and resources before creating an account and submitting an application online.

The employer application deadline for summer jobs is January 16, 2017.
Free 2017 Parks Canada Discovery Pass

For all of 2017 this pass gives you unlimited opportunities to enjoy National Parks, National Marine Conservation Areas and National Historic Sites across the country!

The 2017 Discovery Pass is essentially a free ticket to 365 days of celebration at some of our country’s most amazing destinations. The Discovery Pass is only accepted at national historic sites which are operated by Parks Canada and activities such as tours, parking and camping may not be covered by the Discovery Pass. 

Women in Sport:Fueling a Lifetime of Participation

Canada may be a sport-loving nation, but when it comes to access to sport for Canadian women, it has a long way to go.  According to a new research publication, unveiled by Canada’s dairy farmers and the Canadian Association for Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS).

The report, entitled Women in Sport: Fueling a Lifetime of Participation, highlights the severe gender inequality for Canadian women in sport, and is the first of its kind, pairing data and research from academic journals and peer-reviewed articles, with primary research obtained from national surveys and the analysis of four years of female sports media coverage. 
How to Create Awesome Nonprofit Board Meetings

What does the phrase " board meeting" make you want to do? Smile? Because you volunteer for an effective nonprofit board that can easily raise money to get excellent results for clients.

Or b ite your lip? Because you don't want to say anything bad about fellow nonprofit board members who said they would get something done after the last meeting and they didn’t.

If you have been feeling unproductive in your meetings, check out this article to get some tips on improving your productivity.
How Millennials Are Changing the Face of Philanthropy

They’re not just writing cheques, they are getting involved. 

They are ready to dig in, dig deep and aren't afraid to pitch in and help.

If you want millennial money, you have to ignite their passion first!
Community Initiatives Fund News

The Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) is thrilled to announce that Saskatchewan communities will benefit from 274 grants totaling $4,523,480 from CIF’s October 1st, 2016 deadline.

CIF supports initiatives that enhance individual and community quality of life and well-being. With CIF support, Saskatchewan communities benefit by having access to local projects that encourage community development, access to programs and services, inclusion, and leadership.

Check out their media release for more information as well as the complete list of grant recipients and their projects.

Three Ways Tourism Boards Use Sport Sponsorship

The business of travel is a very competitive industry. Consumers can opt to visit a numerous amount of destinations and tourism boards understand this and must find ways to make their destination stand out amongst the competition.

Tourism boards have invested in marketing for several years which in addition to their local culture and other factors, has contributed to the brand of the destination

Arrêt/Stop Racism Facilitator Training 


In order to have facilitators for the Arrêt/Stop Racism (anti-racism) youth leadership workshops, the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan is offering anti-racism facilitator training.  

New activities for 2017: Experiential learning on Indigenous cultures, Canadian colonial history and legacies, including residential schools. Participants will learn about TRC Calls to Action.

Regina: February 14 and 15, 2017, 9:00am - 3:00pm

South Leisure Neighbourhood Centre Gym
170 Sunset Drive, Regina, SK

Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education

Engage with Indigenous knowledge keepers, educational leaders, and resources to enhance your understanding and knowledge of practices that advance reconciliation in the places where you live, learn, and work.

This 6-week course runs January 24 – March 7, 2017.
A Framework for Recreation in Canada
The Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association's website now features a page dedicated to the Framework for Recreation in Canada.

Visit this page
to access information about the Framework, and learn how their collaborative Engagement Team is developing a Framework for Recreation in Canada Provincial Engagement Strategy to support the sustainable, long-term implementation of the National Recreation Framework in Saskatchewan 2015: Pathways to Wellbeing.
Grants & Funding 
Take the Lead! Funding - first come, first serve basis until February 28, 2017

ParticipACTION Teen Challenge
 - first of every month

CIF Summer Grant February 1 ( May 1 - August 31)

KidSport Saskatchewan

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