April, 2018
Arcadia University Computer Science Club
Weekly Meeting

We will be meeting  Thursday at 7:00 in Boyer 14.  We will continue working on the Chat Ordering Program. Also, if you are interested in running for an officer position next semester, you may fill out  this form  by  Thursday at 8:00 PM . Good luck running, and see you at the meeting!
Movie Viewing
Make sure to get your $5 in to Andrew, (agivone@arcadia.edu) this is payment for our trip to the movie theater to see Ready Player One.
Guest Speaker (AT&T rep)
4/28/18 ~ 6:00pm
Professor Jia was able to get the contact info for an AT&T recruiter and he is coming to talk to us this Friday, bring your resume if you are looking for an internship or job for seniors.
Recent Tech News
Facebook to exclude billions from European privacy laws

Facebook has changed its terms of service, meaning 1.5 billion members will not be protected under tough new privacy protections coming to Europe.