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May 2017
2017 SBS Keuring Tour
The judges will be arrive for the annual Keuring Tour in mid-September.  Prospective sites include: Silver Creek, GA, Lexington, KY, Port Orange FL, Midland, TX.  Please contact Dr. Ronda Stavisky if you are interested in hosting a inspection.  The judges will be inspecting and registering foals, mares, and stallions.
Exact dates and locations will be announced in the next newsletter. 

You will need to have the following paperwork at the Inspection site:

For foals:  Birth Declaration, Copy of Dam's Paper and Stallion Certificate

For Mares: Registration papers

For Stallions: Registration papers, copy of show record if applicable.  The pedigree of Stallions must be pre-approved by SBS prior to Inspection.

Contact: Ronda


2017 Fees
In order to help horse owners comply with the latest US Equestrian requirements, Studbook SBS is offering two registration options.

Options and Fees for 2017:

Registration with Passport for Adult Competition Horses 
  • Description of the horse
  • Microchipping
  • Age verification  

The above requirements are to be completed by the owner's veterinarian.

 Pedigree will be included if DNA if analyzed (sire or dam) at an extra cost to the owner.

If pedigree is verified, the horse will have Book A

Without a verified pedigree, the horse will have Book C

Fees: $50 office fee and $100 registration fee for either Book A or Book C (DNA costs to be paid directly to UC Davis, $40).


Foal registration before 31st December of the year of birth

  • Breeding or insemination certificate is required
  • Copy of dam's papers
  • Description of the foal
  • Microchipping

This must be completed before December 31st of the birth year (preferably before weaning the foal).  If the foal is presented at an Inspection site the SBS judges will perform the description and microchipping.  Otherwise, it must be performed by a veterinarian. Paternity verification will be required, with foal DNA getting sent for analysis to UC Davis.

Fees: $145,00 annual regular membership fee which includes access to “MySBS” and $150,00 registration fee, which includes the European regulated SBS passport with verified pedigree and USEF number, mentioned inside the passport.  Payment for DNA analysis goes directly to UC Davis ($40). Microchip numbers will also be included in both the passport and DNA record.


Click on the SBS NA Button and go to Fees.

McLain Ward and HH Azur
World Cup Champions!
A dazzling victory for the 11- year-old mare, her American rider and Studbook SBS

We hoped it, we sensed it and we even expected it: the 11- year-old mare HH AZUR GARDEN’S HORSES (E.O.) (Thunder van de Zuuthoeve/Sir Lui van de Zuuthoeve), SBS born and bred by Nathalie Beaufort in B-8600 Pervijze, ridden by McLain Ward (USA), took the 2016-2017 edition of the World Cup, after a stunning weekend at the finals in Omaha (USA).

Not a single rail over five courses over 1.50/60 m.  How not to be seduced by this first place, taken at day 1 and never given up by McLain Ward and HH AZUR GARDEN’S HORSES? How not to admire their dominance that has amazed all spectators? And of course, there was also the obvious jubilation for the mare and her rider in association with the SBS, celebrating their first World Cup after a brilliant partnership. Indeed, this is the first World Cup for McLain Ward.  This was the first World Cup Victory for SBS as well.

History repeats itself in the most convincing way and there is no longer a question of it just being luck.  Looking to an exciting future!

Contributed by Catherine Aerts

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