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Our mission is to present the best of contemplative teachings. Through contemplative awareness, one becomes open and present to the mystery of God in the here and now—in the midst of daily life.
Be Still And Listen

Experience the Presence of God in Your Life
With  Be Still and Listen  it is possible to explore the contemplative dimensions of the Bible, either on your own or in a group setting, as you perhaps never have before.
Life's Great Question
From the mind of world-famous philosopher and humanitarian Jean Vanier
Forward by Ronald Rolheiser
30 Questions
and Answers 
about Christian Meditation
Paul T. Harris
Foreword by Laurence Freeman OSB
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Wisdom from His Journals
Linus Mundy does a masterful job of sifting through a spiritual master's journals and giving us wisdom to live by. Even if you've read Merton before you will appreciate and benefit from the profound insights in this gem of a book. Highly recommended. —
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