2016 Officers & Chair

Skipper: Bryan Emond
First Mate: Michelle Otero Valdes
Yeoman: Jonathan Dunleavy
Purser: Arlene Weicher
Program Director: Hector Ramirez

Bosun: Craig Liszt
Actives Chair: Sandy Hoekstra Handrahan
Historian: Raul Chacon
Seminar Chair: Tom Nolan

Please submit newsletter ideas and items of interest to the Editor:
Jonathan Dunleavy at

About Us
The Fort Lauderdale Mariners Club is dedicated to the promotion of ethical business practices among the sea-going community as well as the circulation of accurate and useful information to the boating community.

Our membership includes both professional and leisure boating enthusiasts, as well as industry experts and professionals in many disciplines from around the world.

Join Us
We welcome your interest in the Mariners Club and invite you to become an active member to the benefit of each of us individually and all of us as a community. The easiest way to join is to attend a monthly meeting as a guest of a current member.

Request an application form from an officer, complete it and mail it with your check for $50.00 to the Mariners Club for consideration by the membership committee.

Two sponsors are required. If you want to join and do not know an active member, contact
 Bryan Emond