April 1, 2021 -- Volume 20, No. 4
American Rescue Plan Act: What It Means to You

A $1.9 trillion measure — the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) — was signed into law on March 11, 2021. The key feature of the new law, also referred to as Stimulus 3.0, is a third Economic Impact Payment (EIP3) to eligible individuals. But there are other financial and tax changes impacting individuals as well as small businesses. Read More
How and Why to Create a Routine
The term “routine” connotes a boring existence, but this just isn’t true. The real meaning of the term is a structure within which to accomplish more with less stress. Having a routine also helps to establish a work-life balance so you avoid burnout. Read More
Getting a Handle on Your Business Expenses

While revenue is picking up for many businesses in 2021, profits won’t grow unless you have business expenses under control. This means knowing where your money is going and dealing wisely with accounts payable—your bills for vendors, contractors, landlords, and others—in a timely and efficient manner. Read More
How Much Should You Pay Yourself?

The topic of minimum wage is in the forefront to ensure that workers receive adequate compensation for the services they perform. For small business owners, the question of adequate compensation goes beyond any minimum amount. Obviously, business performance—profits and cash flow—dictates to a large extent what is affordable for owner compensation. But there are many factors that go into the decision on personal compensation. Read More
Show Me the Money
Recovery Strategies: Show Me the Money

The famous quote from Jerry McGuire …"show me the money"… is something that many small business owners are taking to heart these days. As a result of the pandemic, they need funding to stay in business and to rebuild for a better future. Fortunately, there are many government programs and other resources to help with needed financing. The CARES Act started the ball rolling with new funding opportunities. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) provided additional funding for various financing programs. Read More
American Made: What Does It Mean?

“America” includes all of the Western Hemisphere, and North America is the United States, Canada, and Mexico. So “American made” is a nebulous term. There are some common phrases being used to encourage people and businesses in the United States to buy home-grown or products manufactured domestically. Read More
When State Taxes Don't Follow Federal Rules

Many businesses focus on the impact that federal taxes have on their companies and their owners. But don’t overlook the impact of state taxes. In many cases, state tax rules differ considerably from federal rules. States may not use “conformity” in some or many cases, meaning they don’t follow federal rules. Here’s a brief overview of some of the differences to watch for. Read More
business policies
New Business Terminology Impacting Your Business Policies

During 2020, many businesses were in survival mode, focusing attention on how to get by during the lockdowns and other restrictions they faced. This left little time for planning and reviewing policy decisions. As things calm down in 2021, you may now be able to strategize and put new plans into motion. In doing so, be sure to take new business terminology into account. Read More
The State of Women-Owned Businesses

March was Women’s History Month and a good time to reflect on how women are doing in business, especially in light of the pandemic. This can be gleaned from reports as well as anecdotal stories from women entrepreneurs. Read More
Guide to Tax Implications of Financing Options 
If your business needs money, you have different ways to raise it. You can take in investors (equity financing), borrow it (debt financing), win contests or grants, or simply have people give you money (gifts). Each of these options presents different practicalities for your business; they also have different tax consequences. Here’s a guide on how to treat your funding from a tax perspective.
Regulations in Limbo: What This Means for Small Businesses
On his first day in office, President Biden issued an executive order freezing for 60 days various federal proposed regulations as well as those finalized but not yet in effect. Some of these freezes impact small businesses. Here are some to consider… and what to do about them.
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