August 2021
This year, we are launching InMotion with a kick-off event on Friday. If you can’t attend, simply start moving wherever you are—and keep moving for 30 days.
You’ll certainly want to celebrate your 30-day accomplishment with us in Grant Park on Sunday, September 5, when we triumphantly stroll across the finish line at Fifth Third Bank Bike the Drive. To find out how you can receive free admission to Bike the Drive, click below.
I look forward to being in motion with you! Enjoy our trailer below, produced by Envision Board member Zernul Shackelford.
Their Journey Always Brings Hope

The Ability Experience Arrives at Westtown
Tim-Matthew lead JOH cyclists
Volunteer of the Year and CME Group Managing Director and Chief Corporate Counsel Tim Smith with his Biking Buddy, Matthew M., lead Tim's Pi Kappa Phi fraternity brothers down the 606 Trail toward the cheering crowd awaiting them at Westtown Center.
Envision members could hardly contain their excitement as they caught the first glimpse of the Ability Experience cyclists arriving on the 606 Trail near Westtown Center, en route from San Francisco to Washington, DC. Envision Unlimited has been a stop on their itinerary since Pi Kappa Phi fraternity created the cross-country "Journey of Hope" tour to raise awareness about people with disabilities. Two teams left the west coast on June 13. Our team started in San Francisco and stopped in Utah, Colorado, and Nebraska before arriving here on July 28.
JOH cyclists exercise with members
For the past 34 years, Pi Kappa Phi's Ability Experience has also leveraged this annual cross-country cycling trip to raise money for organizations that support those with disabilities and to give fraternity members firsthand experience in servant leadership. Last year's visit was virtual due to the pandemic. This year, 20 cyclists spent quality time interacting with members. Charles M. and William C. planned the activities. At mealtime, some of the cyclists helped serve the delicious lunch that Chef Jason and members Kassandra and Clonita prepared.
Mark addressess JOH attendees
As luck would have it, the Journey of Hope visit coincided with CEO Mark McHugh's long-distance cycling trip in Iowa. But Mark was determined not to miss the visit. Thanks to technology, he didn't have to. Attendees gathered inside and chatted with Mark via Zoom.

Envision members love spending time with the Journey of Hope cyclists. "There's quiet respect and a sense of love and care that very naturally takes place during this event," shared Envision Chief Development Officer Marty Kenahan. "And every year, they get a big kick out of the water balloon toss that inevitably becomes a water balloon fight."
Matthew M. agreed. "It felt good!" he reported. It was a busy day for Matthew, who also helped set up the chairs for the indoor activities and accompanied his biking buddy to meet the Journey of Hope cyclists on the 606 Trail. "We played basketball and threw water balloons. Tamera and Anteneh hit me with a water balloon, and Agustin, too. "
David is doused with water
Adventures Unlimited Coordinator David Pufundt gets a big dose of Phi Kappa Pi love.

Rose Center Members Demonstrate Their Value
Star Farm farmers' market
Envision Rose Center members Noemi (l) and Chris H. (r) recently volunteered at Star Farm Chicago's farmers market. After discovering that some families did not know many creative ways to prepare the produce, the members made a cookbook to distribute at upcoming farmers' markets. It includes simple recipes for delicious items such as blueberry muffins, kale chips, and stuffed squash.

The next farmers market is scheduled for Friday, August 6 at Rose Center, 4911 South Hoyne Avenue, Chicago.
Lewandowski Members Support Young Students
LFC school supply drive
Lewandowski Family Center members are conducting a school supply drive this month for their young South Side neighbors. They welcome donations from Envision staff and supporters throughout the city. The drive is part of their annual outreach event that attracts community members to the Center.
"Every year, I collect school supplies, and members help distribute them at the nearby Grace Apostolic Faith Church car show," explained training counselor Kayah Hendricks, who is spearheading the event. Kayah has been involved with similar events at her church for the past 14 years. In 2019, with help from families at Halas Community Center, they donated more than 1,000 pairs of socks to children and families.

"This is the 10th year that the church has hosted the car and bike show for members of the community to showcase their prized cars and motorcycles. It’s been a successful way to expose the community to the resources we offer at the Lewandowski Family Center."

Due to Covid, they want to minimize handling of the school supplies, so they are asking donors to pack them inside book bags. If you would like to donate supplies but cannot drop them off, email Kayah at to arrange to have them picked up. Another option: Order online and have the supplies delivered by August 25 to:

Ms. Kayah Hendricks
Lewandowski Family Center
9020 South Stony Island Avenue
Chicago IL 60617
Members Sell Affordable Handmade Australian Wool Rugs
Handmade rugs and pillows from Australian wool will be on exhibit from August 13-31 at the Chicago Arts District, 1945 S Halsted St. The show opens at 6 p.m. They will be available for sale at remarkable prices. These works of art were hand-knotted by Envision members at Frick and Westtown Centers as a therapeutic creative experience.

Creative Chicago Reuse Exchange (CCRX) donated the fabric. The pillows were from the Art Institute Shop. The artwork prices range from $50 to $600. Most of the rugs are 3' by 5'.

"We also accept custom orders. Customers can request any size rug. To the extent that we can, we will also try to create rugs in specific colors," advised Envision creative consultant Monika Neuland.
Lewandowski Members Weave Pride and Joy
Pictures tell the best story of the joyful work of Envision members at the Lewandowski Family Center, where they are weaving spectacular tote bags and runners.
Members Weave at LFC
"I love to see all of the stripes that various people include in their weaving," said creative arts consultant Monika Neuland, proudly. "This reflects the studio's materials reuse ideals, as well as Envision's deep commitment to giving people with disabilities interesting things to do every day and lots of creative choices."
Envision Makes Our World a Better Place
If the Shirt Fits, Wear It!
DDAN Save the Date
Envision Unlimited will join other Intersect for Ability members who advocate for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities at the second annual Developmental Disability Awareness Night at Guaranteed Rate Field on September 15. Our Chicago White Sox will be playing the Los Angeles Angels.

To purchase your DDAN 2021 tickets, click below:
The best way to let everyone know you're with the coolest people at the game that night is by wearing a special DDAN 2021 T-shirt. Order yours here.

You must place your order before 7 p.m. on Saturday, August 14th. You will receive an email with instructions for picking up your shirt(s) before the game.
Good Mood Swings at Envision
Mental Health Pros Walk to Support Others' Wellness
Members of Envision's Mental Health team will be walking in stride with the National Alliance on Mental Illness-Chicago Chapter (NAMI Chicago) on September 18 to raise funds for those who cannot afford mental health services. The funds raised will provide free mental health support, education, and advocacy programs for those in need.

To find out how to support the Envision team's mission, click here or the photo below.
If you or someone you know needs support, don't hesitate to reach out to Envision's mental health professionals. The department's comprehensive services range from therapy and psychosocial rehabilitation, employment assistance, and residential care to psychiatry.
Envision Unlimited's Staff Spotlight is on...

Victoria Huble
This month, our Employee Spotlight shines on Victoria Huble, a direct support professional at the Rockwell CILA.
Victoria joined Envision in January after making an abrupt pivot from cosmetology as the pandemic hit. She immediately impressed those around her. 

"Ms. Huble has exemplified hard work and dedication since the beginning," said her supervisor, Saadiq Bey, Assistant Director of Residential Services. "She was willing to work extra shifts when there was a staff shortage. The quality of her work is excellent, and she gets along well with others. She is excellent with clients and staff."
For Victoria, this work has been a part of her life for years. Her mother worked for an organization that serves adults with autism and Cerebral Palsy. Growing up, she volunteered for outings and events for their group homes. Later, she was a certified nurse's assistant with the same organization.

"I was taking cosmetology classes, and now I'm back working for adults who need special care," Victoria reflected. "It’s funny how life happens. You know it’s meant to be when you go to work never feeling like it’s work." 

Victoria's favorite part of her job is spending time with the members and going out into the community. "I enjoy being able to provide a fun and safe environment for the members." 

Compassion, a strong work ethic, and personal fulfillment make Victoria a welcome addition to the Envision Unlimited family.
Autism Therapy for Children Team Grows
Morgan Nikki Griffin
Envision's expansion into ABA Therapy services for children 2-17 signaled the expansion of our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) team. The latest addition is Morgan "Nikki" Griffin.

"In interviewing Nikki, our first impression was how warm, friendly, and positive an individual she was," Dr. Danielle Gender-Walters told the Gazette. "On top of that, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in providing ABA therapy to children diagnosed with ASD. We were particularly impressed that she is pursuing a Ph.D. in early childhood development, which is crucial knowledge in this role."

In addition to her BCBA credentials, Nikki also is a former special education teacher with a passion for child development. "It's important to me to provide compassionate ABA services that are family-centered and focused on improving quality-of-life outcomes," she says.
Dr. Gender-Walters added, "When we found Nikki, we were looking for someone passionate about working with children, ABA therapy, and wanted to assist us in building something extraordinary. She was a very natural and perfect fit." 

Envision's ABA Therapy team currently serves families in the southwest suburb of Berwyn and Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood. Plans are to continue expanding the team to meet the growing need for autism therapy.
If you or someone you know has a child who has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, contact Dr. Gender-Walters and her team at
Envision has a CEU Olympian!
Lashawn Findley
Mock Center Unit Coordinator Lashawn Findley is the first to cross the continuing education credits finish line this fiscal year. And she accomplished that feat within the first month! How is that possible, you ask?

Lashawn completed a three-part Customized Employment series, the second course of the series, Job Development, was a six-day training.

"The Customized Employment series provides a positive perspective on how we can help our members be successful in community employment," she explained. Lashawn learned how customized employment works and how it benefits job seekers (our members) and potential employers. But the series offered a benefit for Lashawn, as well. "Now I will not be on Rose Beal's watchlist!" she laughed.
Welcome to the Envision Unlimited Family
We're Glad You're Here
July Arrivals

Elissah Adkins, ABA Therapist
LaShawn Bradley, LPN
Angel Brown, RBT/SSH
Aujsha Dunlap, RBT, SSH
Jade Feemster, RBT/SSH
Robert Frank, BCBA
Antoinette Holmes, MH
Michelle Ingram, WC/MH
Avaya Knight, RBT/SSH
Kiarah McGee, RBT/SSH
Ashley Mister, RBT/SSH
Abigail Rivera, Outreach/MH
Tashianna Ruffin, RBT/SSH
Babatunde Sowemimo, RSA/MH
Tyla White, RBT/SSH
August Arrivals

Maria Adan, Clinical MH Therapist
Latrice Almond, Community Living
Elizabeth Auta, Day Services
Keshia Hagerman, RBT/SSH
Larita Jackson, RBT/SSH
Angelia Johnson, Mental Health
Sparkle Jones, RBT/SSH
Rakim Mack, RBT/SSH
Shantell Smith, RBT/SSH
Nikella Thompson, RSA/MH
Tiyawna Tyler, ICILA
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